Monopoly GO Creative Accounting Event Rewards List

Looking for Monopoly Go Creative Accounting event rewards list? Check out this guide.

The Creative Accounting in Monopoly GO is a recurring time-limited milestone event. The event came about four weeks ago and offered a combination of rewards for another active event. Similar to that, it also offers rewards for the Egyptian Treasure event. Apart from the Dice Rolls, Boosts, and Sticker Packs, which events usually give, the amount of the rewards is slightly changed. This might be simply to balance out the items of the associated events.

The event started on 15 November 2023 at 10:00 AM EST and is set to end on November 17 2023 at 10:00 AM EST. You can see the remaining time exactly below the event tab. We have made the list of current Creative Accounting event milestone rewards. If the event is relaunched, we’ll update the list and scoring system for them. So for now follow the list and ways to get the freebies from the event.

All Creative Accounting Rewards, Milestones and Gifts in Monopoly GO

LevelsPointsMilestone Rewards
153 Pickaxe
2510 Dice Rolls
351-Star Sticker Pack
4103 Pickaxe
550125 Dice Rolls
6105 Pickaxe
71510 minutes Cash Grab
8151-Star Sticker Pack
9156 Pickaxe
10100225 Dice Rolls
12251-Star Sticker Pack
13258 Pickaxe
15225425 Dice Rolls
163011 Pickaxe
18402-Star Sticker Pack
194513 Pickaxe
20300500 Dice Rolls
21453-Star Sticker Pack
225016 Pickaxe
235010 minutes High Roller
256001,000 Dice Rolls
268019 Pickaxe
27602-Star Sticker Pack
2865120 Dice Rolls
297026 Pickaxe
311004-Star Sticker Pack
32150200 Dice Rolls
342505 minutes Cash Boost
351,0001,500 Dice Rolls
363004-Star Sticker Pack
3840030 Pickaxe
395005-Star Sticker Pack
402,0003,000 Dice Rolls
4160020 minutes High Roller
43700850 Dice Rolls
45750900 Dice Rolls
4680045 Pickaxe
47850 4-Star Gold Sticker Pack
494,0004-Star Gold Sticker Pack and 6,500 Dice Rolls
All Creative Accounting Monopoly Go Milestones Rewards
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How to Score Points in Creative Accounting Event

You can score the mentioned points by landing on these tiles:

  • Tax tiles (Income Tax, Luxury Tax): 3 Points
  • Utility tiles (Electric Company, Water Works): 2 Points

Scoring through these tiles can be pretty time-consuming. You can use a multiplier to score more, but it comes with risk. If you land on the tiles, you’ll get the multiplied points. But if you don’t you’ll lose the Dice Rolls.

We recommend completing the Creative Accounting event before it expires to grab all the freebies at once. And if you get low on Dice, use our free Dice Rolls guide. We have covered many interesting ways for you to progress faster in the game. If you are curious about them, skim through our Monopoly GO guides. Start by learning how to use extra Stickers and the Active Friend Bonus.