Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures Rewards List

Looking for an Egyptian Treasures rewards list for Monopoly GO? Here’s what you are looking for.

With the Egyptian Treasures event now live in Monopoly GO, players will have to collect pick axes and uncover ancient treasures at an archeological dig site. The event is set on milestones and players get different types of rewards for reaching them. Since the event is time limited, you should check out how it works and what are the rewards you can get.

While Monopoly GO has numerous events and partner events, this one is completely different compared to those. Since it is more of a mini-game, it works its own way compared to other events in the game. It’s quite useful to play this limited time event for the rewards that you can get including free dices.

How Egyptian Treasures Work in Monopoly GO

All Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures Rewards
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For the Egyptian Treasures in Monopoly GO, players will be tasked to collect pickaxes and dig out squares to uncover the treasure. The site of digging will provide an archeological setting so it feels realistic. For each milestone that players reach, they will receive different types of rewards.

There are a total of 16 levels or milestones that players will have to cover to get all the rewards. However, it won’t be as simple as it sounds. Since each treasure is of a different shape and size, players will have to use them wisely. Pickaxes are not so easy to farm since it requires players to level up in other events as well. However, the Tax Refund event is one of the best ways to farm these. Since the time period of the Egyptian Treasures is short, it will be difficult to level up.

All Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures Rewards

How Long is the Egyptian Treasures Event
Image Source: Monopoly GO
  1. 75 Free Dice Rolls
  2. Green Vault – 100 Free Dice Rolls + 2-Star Orange Sticker Pack
  3. Green Vault – Cash + 3 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  4. 175 Dice Rolls
  5. Green Vault – Cash + 3-Star Gold Pink Sticker Pack
  6. Blue Vault – 200 Free Dice Rolls + 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  7. Blue Vault – 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack + 4 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  8. 275 Free Dice Rolls
  9. Blue Vault – Cash + 5 Egyptian Treasures Pickaxe Tokens
  10. Pink Vault – 300 Free Dice Rolls + New Shield Skin
  11. Pink Vault – Cash + Golden Pink Sticker Pack
  12. Pink Vault- 350 Free Dice Rolls + 8 Pickaxe
  13. Pink Vault – Cash + 400 Free Dice Rolls
  14. Golden Blue Sticker Pack
  15. Pink Vault –
  16. Gold Safe –

Although there are 16 levels, we are still completing the game so make sure you come back to find out more rewards. We will update this list as soon as we find the rewards.

How Long is the Egyptian Treasures Event

The event will last until November 16, 2023 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. While it does not leave a lot of time for players to complete all milestones, it’s still worth trying out.

Hopefully, you can collect as many rewards as possible from this event. Since Monopoly GO has numerous game mechanics that might be hard to remember, our dedicated section will provide you with all the guides you need. Do check it out while you are here at Gamer Tweak.