When Is The Next Partner Event In Monopoly GO – Schedule 2023

Wondering when you can partner up again in Monopoly GO? Here’s the Partner Event schedule you are looking for.

Monopoly GO partner event are quite rewarding considering they appear after a long break. Whether the developers really like these events or not is something for later on. However, as things stand, the partner events are quite few in numbers with almost one event a month.

Since Scopely does not really publish an entire schedule for these events, it’s going to be hard to say the correct date unless we make speculations or there is an announcement. However, whatever it may be, you will find what you need right here in this guide.

What are Partner Events in Monopoly GO?

What are Partner Events in Monopoly GO
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Players are eligible to play this game mode once they unlock the fifth city board. Although there are numerous events in the game, this one is certainly different. With four new slots on the board, players will be tasked to build up new attractions after they are partnered with other players. Spinning the wheel is what you and your partner need to build up the required points.

Although you don’t have to farm dices for the spinning wheel, it does require you to gather specific event tokens. These are available for players via other events or pick-ups from the board.

Is there Any Current Partner Event in Monopoly GO?

No, currently, there are no active partner events that are going on in the game.

When is the Next Monopoly GO Partner Event?

The latest partner event is Thanksgiving Partners and after that, there has been no announcement regarding any such event. However, following the pattern of how things have been over the past few months, we can expect a new event anytime towards the middle of December. However, if Scopely is planning for a Christmas event, we might not see any other partner event until then.

You can keep your eye on the Monopoly GO Facebook page to have a scent of any rumors or announcement regarding these events in the future.

Can you Change Partners in Partner Event?

No, sadly you have to play and contribute with the same partner for the entirety of the event. So in order to get the best out of the event, both of you have to work and contribute equally to have a chance of getting rewarded.

That’s all we have from this guide. Since you are playing Monopoly GO, our dedicated section has more such guides for you to check out here at Gamer Tweak.