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Elden Ring Colossal Weapons Locations: Where To Find All

Looking for Colossal weapons? Check out our location guide on where to find all the Colossal weapons in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a plethora of different types of weapons, shields, and sorceries. One of the types of weapons includes the Colossal weapon. Similar to different Colossal swords, these weapons are also heavy weapons that cause massive damage output. These weapons can work wonders during the PVP modes. But several players are unable to find any of this type of weapon. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out all the Colossal weapon locations in Elden Ring.


All Colossal Weapon Locations in Elden Ring

Mentioned below are all the Colossal Weapons and how to get them:

Duelist Greataxe

Weapon Skill: Endure

  • Potential drop reward from the Duelist enemies near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace at Leyndell. You can find these enemies near the Colosseum.
  • Can also get a drop from the Duelist at the Sainted Hero’s Grave.

Make a note to get this Colossal weapon before defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade in Elden Ring. That’s because all the Duelists vanish after defeating him.


Rotten Greataxe

Weapon Skill: Endure

  • Drop reward for defeating the Rotten Duelist to the north of Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Golem’s Halberd

Weapon Skill: Charge Forth

  • Randomly dropped from the Golems. You can head over to the Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace to farm these enemies. You can rest over the Site of Grace to make these enemies respawn.


Weapon Skill: Endure

  • Head south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of the Grace to find a Carriage. Find the Giant Crusher weapon in a Chest located in the back of the carriage.

elden ring all colossal weapon locations


Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Weapon Skill: Prelate’s Charge

  • Drop Reward for defeating the Fire Prelate inside Fort Laiedd. You can find this location near the Seethewater site of Grace.

Great Club – Best Colossal Weapon in Elden Ring

Weapon Skill: Golden Land

  • Drop reward by defeating the Stonedigger troll boss at the Old Atlus Tunnel. But to unlock this mini-dungeon, you require two Stoneforge Keys.

Troll’s Hammer Location

Weapon Skill: Troll’s Roar

  • Can find this colossal weapon in a storage shed in the Old Atlus Tunnel. You can find this dungeon located to the central-west of the Atlus Plateau.

Dragon Greatclaw

Weapon Skill: Endure

  • Drop reward by defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss. You can encounter this boss at the Capital Outskirts outside Leyndell, the Royal Capital location.

Watchdog’s Staff

Weapon Skill: Sorcery of the Crozier

  • This Colossal weapon is located in the Road’s End Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes. Finding this weapon involves finding hidden paths through illusory walls. You can check our guide on how to get Watchdog’s Staff for a more detailed walkthrough.

Staff of the Avatar

Weapon Skill: Erdtree Slam

  • Drop reward for beating the Erdtree Avatar near the Great Waterfall Crest, site of the Grace.

elden ring all colossal weapon locations

Rotten Staff Location

Weapon Skill: Erdtree Slam

  • Drop reward from the Putrid Avatar to the east of Elphael, Brace of Haligtree. This Putrid Avatar would be patrolling the walkway to the east. If you progress further, you can also get the Lord’s Rune to earn more Runes.

Envoy’s Greathorn

Weapon Skill: Great Oracular Bubble

  • Drop reward for defeating the Giant Oracle Envoys near Miquella’s Haligtree.

Ghiza’s Wheel Location

Weapon Skill: Spinning Wheel

  • You can get the Ghiza’s Wheel Colossal weapon as a reward for defeating the Inquisitor Ghiza in Elden Ring. You can find this enemy invader on the second floor of the Volcano Manor.

Fallingstar Beast Jaw

Weapon Skill: Gravity Bolt

  • Drop reward for defeating the Full-grown Fallingstar Beast on the top of Mt. Gelmir.

elden ring all colossal weapon locations

Axe of Godfrey

Weapon Skill: Regal Roar

  • Trade the remembrance of the Hoarah Loux to get this colossal weapon. But for that, you need to defeat Hoarah Loux, the Warrior. You can trade it with Enia at the Roundtable Hold to get the Axe of Godfrey.

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