Best Colossal Swords In Elden Ring (Locations)

Preparing for the Colosseum PVP modes? Check out our location guide on where to find all the Colossal Swords in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a plethora of weapons, shields, magic, or sorceries across the Lands Between. Speaking of the weapons, Colossal Swords are a type of sword that at times even exceeds the height of the player. If you have played the Souls series, you will notice striking resemblances between them and the Ultra Greatswords from the Souls series. Although these swords swing pretty slowly, mastering them results in causing maximum damage output. But several players are unable to find any of them. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out all Colossal Swords locations in Elden Ring.

Best Elden Ring Colossal Swords (All Locations)

colossal sword locations elden ring

Here are the best Elden Ring Colossal weapons to acquire across the Lands Between:

  • Zweihander
  • Greatsword
  • Watchdog’s Greatsword
  • Troll’s Golden Sword
  • Troll’s Knight Sword
  • Royal Greatsword
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword
  • Ruins Greatsword
  • Starscrouge Greatsword
  • Godslayer’s Greatsword
  • Maliketh’s Black Blade

So, here are the exact locations to get every Colossal sword mentioned above:


This Colossal sword weighs the lightest out of all the Colossal swords in Elden Ring. You can buy the Zweihander sword from the Isolated Merchant for 3,500 Runes.

  • Weapon Skill: Stamp (Upward Cut)

colossal sword locations elden ring


You can find the Greatsword located to the northwest of the Caelem Ruins, the site of the Grace. For that, you need to head over to the Dragonbarrow. You can find the Greatsword in the back of the Carriage inside the chest. But be wary of the Dogs guarding the chest.

  • Weapon Skill: Stamp (Upward Cut)

Watchdog’s Greatsword

There are multiple locations where you can find or get this Colossal Sword in Elden Ring. This weapon can be earned as a drop reward by defeating the Sword-wielding Watchdogs in multiple locations. You can find these enemies at the Giant Mountaintop Catacombs, Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, and the Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs.

  1. Giant Mountaintop Catacombs: This dungeon is located to the east of the Zamor Ruins site of the Grace. Upon entering the Dungeon, take the lift down. As you get down, trigger the lift, again. But this time you need to get down quickly. This would trigger another lift rising from underneath. You need to take that lift to encounter the Watchdogs.
  2. Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave: You can get to this dungeon to the west of the Giant Grave Post site of Grace. As you head inside the dungeon, you will find a sword-wielding Watchdog inside the Dungeon.
  3. Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs: You can find a Sword-wielding Watchdog guarding the Elder Imp Eater inside the second floor of the dungeon.
  • Weapon Skill: Stamp (Upward Cut)

Troll’s Golden Sword

You can get the Troll’s Golden Sword to the east of the Erdtree-Gazing-Hill Site of the Grace in the carriage. You can get the Troll’s Golden Sword inside the chest in the Carriage.

  • Weapon Skill: Troll’s Roar

Troll Knight’s Sword

You can get this Colossal sword as a drop by defeating the Troll Knight in Elden Ring. You can find the Troll Knight mainly at two locations. Head over to Caria Manor or the Four Belfries. You can find the Troll Knight near the Staircase that leads to Royal Knight Loretta at the Caria Manor. Alternatively, you can defeat the spectral form of two Troll Knights at the Four Belfries to get this Colossal sword.

  • Weapon Skill: Troll’s Roar

Royal Greatsword

For this Colossal Sword, you need to complete Ranni’s questline. You have to defeat the Blaidd at the end of the quest line to get the Royal Greatsword. He will spawn in front of Ranni’s Rise Tower. Along with the Greatsword, you will also get his entire Armor set as a reward.

  • Weapon Skill: Wolf’s Assault

Grafted Blade Greatsword Location – Best Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

You can get this Colossal sword as a reward drop for defeating Leonine Misbegotten. You will find this boss at Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula.

  • Weapon Skill: Oath of Vengeance

Ruins Greatsword

There are two ways to obtain this Colossal Sword. You can defeat the duo of Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight at the Redmane Castle Plaza. But you can access this boss fight only after defeating the Starscrouge Radahn and exhausting the dialogue with the Witch-Hunter Jerren. Alternatively, you can arrive at the Redmane Castle Plaza before the Radahn festival to access this boss fight.

  • Weapon Skill: Wave of Destruction

Starscourge Greatsword

You can get the Starscrouge Greatsword by trading the Remembrance of the Starsrouge with Enia at the Roundtable Hold. But for that, you need to defeat the Starscrouge Radahn.

  • Weapon Skill: Starcaller Cry

Godslayer’s Greatsword

This colossal sword is located at the Divine Tower of Caelid. You can find it in a chest behind the Godskin Apostle’s boss arena after defeating him.

  • Weapon Skill: The Queen’s Black Flame

Maliketh’s Black Blade

You have to trade the Remembrance of the Black Blade with Enia to get this Colossal Sword. Quite obviously, you need to defeat Maliketh, the Black Blade to get this remembrance. Since you can also get the Black Blade incantation, check out our guide on how to duplicate remembrances to get both.

colossal sword locations elden ring

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