Elden Ring: How To Seek Three Wise Beasts In Ordys, Tetsu, & Chelona’s Rise

Here are the locations of the three wise beasts you need to seek at Oridys's Rise, Tetsu's Rise, and Chelona’s Rise in Elden Ring.

If you are a Sorcerer in Elden Ring you should complete the Seek three wise beasts puzzles. These puzzles are important to get as they give you Memory Stones, and that in turn increases the number of Memory Slots you have in the game. And you should have as many memory slots as possible as they are important for sorceries and incantations. That is where these puzzles come in as solving them allows you to get Memory stones. So let us quickly check how to Seek Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring & turtle locations at Oridys’ Rise, Tetsu’s Rise, and Chelona’s Rise.

How to Seek Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring

how to seek the three wise beasts in elden ring at ordys, tetsu, and chelona's rise

You should look for spiritual Turtles while you seek three wise beasts in this game. These three puzzles can be found at:

  • Oridys’ Rise
  • Tetsu’s Rise
  • Chelona’s Rise

Let us check the locations of the turtles for these places.

Oridys’ Rise – How to Seek the 3 Wise Beasts

  1. Fast Travel to the Castle Morne Rampart site of grace.
  2. Turn east and use the updraft with Torrent.
  3. Find the Oridys’s Rise Tower, near its steps you will find a statue with an open Book. Interact with it.
    • First Turtle: Just ahead, to the left of the puzzle statue you just interacted with hiding in the bush.
    • Second Turtle: Turn behind the puzzle statue towards the north and you can find the second turtle.
    • Third Turtle: Go southwest from the puzzle statue towards a small pool and do an attack. This turtle is invisible.

Tetsu’s Rise

  1. Fast Travel to the Sorcerer’s Isle site of grace.
  2. Go towards Tetsu’s Rise Tower and interact with the puzzle statue.
    • First Turtle: Go northeast from the puzzle statue and you will find the turtle somewhat near the cliff.
    • Second Turtle: Go east from the tower and look at the tree trunks. You can find the turtle on the tree. You will need a ranged weapon or a spell to get this turtle.
    • Third Turtle: Go southeast from the tower to the lower part of the island. You can find this turtle near the bushes. Unlike in Oridys’s Rise, this turtle isn’t hiding in the bush.

Chelona’s Rise

For Chelona’s Rise, I suggest you check our dedicated guide for the locations of all three wise beasts.

That covers this guide on how to Seek Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring. Since you now have more memory stones you should check our guide on Carian Glintblade staff vs Meteorite staff to decide which is the better staff for you.