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Elden Ring: Where To Find The Troll’s Golden Sword

Here's where you can find the Troll's Golden Sword in Elden Ring.

The open world of Elden Ring is host to a plethora of weapons, armors, items, and resources. As you progress further and further in the game you unlock something or the other which will be useful ahead. The Troll’s Golden Sword is a Colossal Sword in the game and focuses on strength and dex attributes. It is very effective against huge monsters and creatures and needs high strength in its wielder. If you are wondering where to find the Troll’s Golden Sword in Elden Ring, then check out this guide for the location.

Where to Find the Troll’s Golden Sword in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Location Troll's Golden Sword

To find and get the Troll’s Golden Sword in Elden Ring, you will have to travel to the location, site of grace at Erdtree-Grazing Hill, and head east. If you have not reached this site of grace, then here’s the path you can follow:

  • Start from the Stormhill Shack site of grace and head up north on Torrent the Horse.
  • As soon as the first structure appears, take a right and head northeast.
  • When you do this you will come across a broken bridge.
  • Follow the bridge till its end and keep to the left side and jump to avoid plummeting to your death.
  • Keep heading up and take a right to start moving northwest along the narrow cliff, avoid the pack of wolves.
  • You will come to a clearing with few structures once you have crossed the narrow cliff, the Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Head northeast from the site of grace at Liurnia of the Lakes and keep heading north till you reach the Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace.
  • As you stand on the mountain top near East Raya Lucaria Gate, you will see a stair-like structure that you can use to get down by jumping with Torrent.
  • Keep heading north from the East Raya Lucaria Gate site of grace and you will soon reach the Erdtree-Grazing Hill site of grace.
  • The sword lies in a Carriage on the east of the site of grace.


How to Get the Sword

Although there is no boss in play here, there are some troops armed with big crossbows just on the rocks ahead. We recommend you take them out before you approach the Carriage. Use Torrent and run straight towards them before they can start firing the bows and kill them.

The sword has a Strength Requirement of 29 and Dex Requirement of 10 and deals high physical and critical damages. For players with high strength, this is one of the top swords to have in your inventory.


That’s all you need from this location guide to find and get the Troll’s Golden Sword in Elden Ring. While you are here, make sure you check out how to get Jelly Fish Shield, How to Sheath all Weapons, and other Elden Ring guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.