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How To Sheath All Weapons in Elden Ring

Here is how you can sheath a weapon in Elden Ring.

Having your weapon in its sheath allows you to easily use your other skills in the game. While this is an important skill to have, it’s not always easy for players to figure it out. Even though you may want to keep your weapon in hand most of the time to fight against enemies as soon as possible, there are some times when keeping it inside is a necessity. No matter the device or weapon in question, you will be able to sheath your weapon in Elden Ring easily with this guide.

How to Sheath Every Kind of Weapon in Elden Ring


How To Sheath Every Weapon in Elden Ring
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If you want to sheath your weapons in Elden Ring then simply follow these steps:

How to Sheath on PS4/5


  • Hold Triangle + L1 or R1

How to Sheath on Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One

  • Hold Y + LB or RB


How to Sheath on PC

  • Hold E and continuously press the right or left mouse button

This sheaths your weapon as your character will try to two-hand the weapon. And instead, it will be sheathed to allow you to free your hands.


This trick will allow you to sheath your weapon and keep it concealed in Elden Ring. As long as you don’t swing it or re-equip your shield, it will remain that way too. Even if you use fast travel, it will remain sheathed.

Using this skill, you will even be able to hold weapons in your off-hand without getting overwritten by the right-hand weapon mechanic.

Here is how you too can hold weapons in your off-hand only in Elden Ring:

  • Go to your Equipment menu
  • Now, remove all of the right-hand weapons
  • You must now sheath one of your right-hand weapons in your off-hand

And so, if you’re playing on a PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One, you can sheath your weapon in Elden Ring. This will work for all kinds of weapons, including a sword, shield, staff, or club.

This was your guide to learning how to sheath your weapon in Elden Ring. For more Elden Ring information, check out this guide on how to beat the Festering Fingerprint Vyke and Roundtable Knight Vyke.