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Elden Ring Location: How To Get Jelly Fish Shield

If you are looking to get Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring but can't find it, then check out this guide for the location.

In Elden Ring, you have to travel to numerous places to collect items, and resources, and for boss fights. Jelly Fish Shield is a powerful defensive shield that can block heavy physical, magic, and even holy damage. The shield requires Strength Attribute 20 and Dex Attribute 14 and is one of the top shields that you must have in your arsenal. So let’s check out this location guide to learn how you can get the Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring.

How to Find Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring


Elden Ring Jelly Fish Shield Location

To Find Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring, you will have to travel to the site of grace at Foot of the Four Belfries. If you have never traveled there prior to this quest, then here is how you reach there:

  • Start from the Stormhill Shack site of grace and head up north on Torrent the Horse.
  • As soon as the first structure appears, take a right and head northeast.
  • When you do this you will come across a broken bridge.
  • Follow the bridge till its end and keep to the left side and jump to avoid plummeting to your death.
  • Keep heading up and take a right to start moving northwest along the narrow cliff, avoid the pack of wolves.
  • You will come to a clearing with few structures once you have crossed the narrow cliff, the Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • From the site of grace at Liurnia of the Lakes move northwest and stay close to the walls.
  • You will soon come across a Spiritspring which you can use to jump high and climb the mountain while riding on Torrent.
  • Keep heading north and find the crevice to go through the rocks. You will come across a clearing and a battle camp as you keep heading up.
  • As you head further up you will come across the Converted Tower.
  • You are almost there, just keep heading up northwest and you will reach the Foot of the Four Belfries site of grace.


Find and Get Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring

You can easily spot the pack of red glowing Jelly Fish up ahead from the site of grace. They will be a little hostile when you try and take the Shield. So we recommend you take Torrent and run towards them while spamming the Pick-Up button and get out of the area.

That’s all you need from this location guide to find and get the Jelly Fish Shield in Elden Ring. While you are here, make sure you don’t miss out on our Elden Ring guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.