How To Find Hidden Paths Via Illusory Walls In Elden Ring

There are quite a few hidden paths that have unique rewards and optional bosses waiting for you.

While there’s a lot to do in the world of Elden Ring that is easily visible while exploring, there are also hidden rooms and paths that many players have accessed. Some have special loot while some have bosses that drop rare items that you might miss out on otherwise. Here’s how to open hidden paths in Elden Ring.

How to Open Hidden Paths in Elden Ring

What you are looking for is an Illusory wall, aka a Hidden wall. Players need to strike this wall with their weapon once or multiple times and after it breaks, a new path to a secret location will be unveiled. You can also roll into the wall to break it apart.

How to Figure out which Walls can be Broken?

  • These Illusory walls are hard to spot and they don’t look a certain way that may catch your attention. If your gamer instinct tingles at a particular location due to how a wall is looking, just give it an attack (or multiple).
  • If there’s no way to go ahead in the area, try to hit the walls multiple times and see if you unlock a hidden pathway.
  • The Law of Regression incantation will also help you see such secret walls because it “Heals all negative statuses, dispels special effects, and reveals mimicry in all its forms.”
  • Many players are leaving messages about hidden walls, so if you’re playing online, you have a better chance of discovering them. Make sure to praise messages that are helpful. But again, be wary of troll messages that give you wrong information.
  • As per another player, the Margit’s Shackle is also useful to reveal hidden walls.
how to find hidden illusory walls elden ring
image credit: Ghost on Youtube

Where to Find Illusory or Hidden Walls in Elden Ring?

If you’d like to unlock various items such as weapons, rune arcs, ashes, fight optional bosses, and more, these are some of the locations where you must keep a good eye on the walls.

  • Academy of Raya Lucaria
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Kingsrealm Ruins
  • Sealed Tunnel
  • Sellia Hideaway
  • Volcano Manor
  • Three Sisters
  • Road’s End Catacombs
  • Witchbane Ruins

Note that there are some single-hit illusory walls while some will need multiple hits. One wall had to be hit 50 times before it broke! Check it out here: