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How To Catch Cookiecutter Shark In Dave The Diver

If you're on to the Cookiecutter Shark, then here are the depth details and some tips to catch it in Dave the Diver.

Like you, many players are wondering at what depth they can find & catch the Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver. This is one of the thin yet powerful sharks that you can take to the Bancho Sushi restaurant for your customers. However, catching it is quite tricky due to its small size and agility. As it not only moves quickly but also has a quick dash attack that can put Dave’s life at risk. But if you’re ready to do what it takes, then we’ll help you with some tips to catch this Cookie Cutter Shark in Dave the Diver.

Where to Find Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver (Depths)

How To Find & Catch Cookiecutter Shark In Dave The Diver
Source Image: MySpaceGuide

In Dave the Diver, you can find Cookiecutter Shark between the depths of 150 to 250 meters in the Blue Hole. You can identify this fish by its yellowish color and slim body just like the Moray Eel fish. Do note, Cookie Cutter Shark is a very aggressive creature and usually makes surprise dash attacks that are quite difficult to dodge. So try to sneak on this little shark and strike repeatedly to defeat it quickly. Once it gives up, use your Harpoon to cast this Rank 6 fish in and that’ll do the trick.

But before you dive into this deep, make sure to bring proper equipment, or else things might get out of hand. Also, don’t forget, to keep an eye out as soon as you reach the above-mentioned depths. We would like to recommend you use powerful Harpoon tips like Posion or Tranquilizer Gun to ease up the hunting process. But as stated earlier, a Harpoon will also get the job done but will take some extra effort.

That’s everything about how you can find & catch Cookiecutter Shark in Dave the Diver easily. If you need someone to help you with the restaurant, then check out how to hire & use Employees in the game. Also, take a look at the steps to get the best taste for your dishes in Dave the Diver.