How To Get Best Taste In Dave The Diver

Just fishing isn't enough, time to enhance your dishes and achieve the best taste for them in Dave the Diver.

Unable to get the best taste ranking in Dave the Diver? Worry not, we have the solution for how you can achieve it. The game doesn’t explicitly tell what this task is about. But if you check your Cooksta App, it is one of the requirements you need for the Gold Ranking. And while it may be a bit tedious the requirements are fairly straightforward, here is what you need to do.

How to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver in Cooksta App

Dave the Diver Achieve Best Taste Ranking

You need to enhance your dishes until you get 125 points to get the Best Taste ranking in this game. But that is easier said than done. And 125 points are just for Cooksta Gold, you need to double your dish’s taste and need 250 points to get the Best taste for Cooksta Platinum.

Start by researching and catching rare fish. This step in itself is kind of what the game wants you to do as you progress. So you won’t have to go much out of your way for it. While you find new fish and make dishes, you should also work to enhance them. But don’t do it for any random dish. In order to get the best taste you should try and enhance a dish that already has a high ranking. Be sure to use the Cooksta app to track which of your dishes currently has the Best taste status.

Again this task won’t be easy and will require you to grind a lot. Because it will mostly be a cycle of you researching dishes, catching rare fish, and then making high-ranking dishes & enhancing them.

With that you now know how to get the best taste for Cooksta gold and platinum ranks in Dave the Diver. You should also find out other guides useful on how to get tuna, hire & use staff, and which equipment to upgrade first. And for other topics not listed here head over to our Dave the Diver section for more.