Dave The Diver: How To Get Tuna (Can’t Catch Fix)

Missing out on the Tuna event by being unable to catch one? Here are the weapons you should use to get it.

With the Tuna Event coming up, players are looking to catch tuna in Dave the Diver. The problem is, while you are able to get it during the tutorial. The net bomb happens to ignore tuna and will simply catch random smaller fish. And while several players claim it is a bug, you actually have to use another type of net to catch one. So here are all the methods you can use for it.

How to Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Cant Catch Tuna fix

  • Use Automatic Net Bomb: The remote-triggered net bomb seems to be buggy as of now. And when you use them the Tuna fishes will simply ignore the bomb and swim past it. But that isn’t the case with the Automatic net bomb. And you can buy it from Cobra’s shop, the only problem is it’s a random stock. Thanks to Boodz on Steam Community for sharing this method.
  • Use Harpoon or other guns: Rather than catching it using a net or other traditional methods, you can try using weapons that directly deal damage to Tuna. After you kill the fish simply collect them. The thing to remember here is these fishes can be fast and tricky to catch. So make sure you read their movement pattern and attack accordingly.
  • Use Steel Net Bomb: When trying to catch bigger fish, you should use a Steel Net Bomb instead of a remote-triggered net bomb. Thanks to Lowcost on Steam Community for sharing this method.
  • Put them to Sleep: You can also upgrade your rifle and use the tranquilizer to make the Tuna sleep then use drones to get them. Thanks to F3L0S3PHY on Steam Community for sharing this method.

Can’t Get Tuna Fix for Dave the Diver

Tuna Event isn’t exactly bugged rather you have to use the Steel Net Bomb as explained above. The bug only occurs when you try to catch it with a remote-triggered net bomb. So if you are using the other methods suggested above, then you should have no trouble catching it.

These were all the ways you can get Tuna in Dave the Diver. You might also find our other guides on how to catch seahorses, get white rice, and catch jellyfish.