Dave The Diver: How To Get White Rice

Want to grow your rice farm? Check out our guide on how to get White Rice in Dave the Diver.

Since this ingredient is used for many dishes, you must know how to get Rice in Dave the Diver for cooking many delicious dishes. These include the Stellate Puffer Special, Sushis, & many other cooking dishes. But unlike other items, getting Rice is a bit more complicated as it requires growing it at a Vegetable farm. This has got many players wondering how to unlock the Rice farm. As it’s not a farming game, farming Rice is a pretty straightforward method. So, check out our guide to find out how to get White Rice.

How to Get Rice in Dave the Diverdave the diver how to get rice

You can get Rice in Dave the Diver only by growing it at the Farm. But for that, you must unlock the Farm to grow White Rice over there. You can unlock the farm area by completing the Micheal Bang quest. Since this quest is a part of the main story progression, you cannot miss this quest. So, keep on progressing the storyline to unlock this quest.

Once you complete the required quest, Otto will show you the Vegetable farm and ask Dave to help him grow White Rice. Furthermore, he will also explain to you about plucking weeds from the rice fields. You can see the results in 2-3 days. For checking the state of the Rice Paddy, Dave can use a mobile app called FarmNow. It will update you with the status of the Rice Paddy every morning.

Lastly, make sure to pull out the weeds and manage the nutrients of the soil. Otto will manage watering rice fields and update you with its results. However, note that if you don’t visit often to remove weeds, the soil health score may drop. As a result, your Rice farms will be filled with pests. So, make sure to track the Rice paddy with the FarmNow app.

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