How To Upgrade Harpoon Gun In Dave The Diver

Looking forward to upgrading your Old Harpoon Gun in Dave the Diver? Then, check out how you can do it.

In Dave the Diver, you should upgrade your Harpoon as soon as you get the chance. That’s because this is the very first weapon that will allow Dave to catch fish for his restaurant. However, as you progress further in the game, you’ll come across various other sea creatures. And there can be a chance that your Old Harpoon might not work on them. So rather than risking Dave’s life, simply go ahead and upgrade the Old Wooden Harpoon you have been using.

How Can I Upgrade Old Harpoon in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, to upgrade the Old Harpoon Gun you can always use the iDiver app on your mobile phone. Or else simply dive into the Blue Hole and look for containers with some new parts. For a better understanding, below we have explained the above-mentioned methods in detail.

How To Upgrade Harpoon Gun In Dave The Diver idiver app on mobile
Source Images: Marcuz-X

Upgrade via iDiver App

The easiest way to upgrade your Harpoon Gun is via the iDiver app on Dave’s phone. However, the application is only available after you reach Day 3 and Dr.Bacon visits you. Once he does, he’ll ask for your help with Tracking the Sea People and will install the iDiver app for you. After the application is installed open Dave’s phone by clicking on the Mobile icon located on the left side of your screen. And then, select the iDiver app, there you’ll see all the upgrades available for your equipment that includes your Old Harpoon. The first upgrade costs 300 Gold Coins which gives you a Steel Harpoon Gun with Damage 10.

Find Containers in the Blue Hole

Another method to get upgrades for your Harpoon is by diving in the Blue Hole and looking for some containers. The boxes usually contain Upgrade parts for equipment and Weapons. Sometimes you can also get your hands on some improvements for your Harpoon such as Poison and more. This will surely allow you to catch different types of sea creatures easily.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade the Harpoon Gun in Dave the Diver. If you’re tired of fishing, then check out how to get Fish Farm in the game. Also, take a look at how to get the best taste to enhance your dishes easily.