How To Find Blue Star Lilies In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Confused on how to get these vibrant flowers for Minnie’s quest? Find out how you can get them!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game that involves explorers to interact with various different characters and complete quests for them to increase their Friendship Level. One of the most simple and heart-warming questlines are the one’s with Minnie Mouse as they involve a lot of flowers. One such quest you’ll come across while interacting with Minnie is ‘The Language of Flowers’ quest in which she will ask you to gather a bunch of specific flowers to put in her flower pot. Among these pretty florets are the Blue Star Lilies that are slightly difficult to acquire. So in this guide we will discuss how you can find Blue Star Lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley and help Minnie get her flowers to complete the quest.

How to Get Blue Star Lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • You need six Blue Star Lilies to complete this part of the quest for Minnie Mouse.
  • In order to get Blue Star Lilies, you need to first head to the Forest of Valor. This is the only place where these specific flowers spawn in Dreamlight Valley. You can identify the florist by their distinctive vivid blue color and five petals in a star formation.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Find Blue Star Lilies

Now, foraging for these flowers can be a little difficult as you will realize that you can only find one of two of them in the accessible region. So in order to get the Lilies on the other side of the river, first you need to open the Furniture Menu. This will allow you to hover over to the other side of the bridge and pick up or rotate the position of items. So all you need to do is look for the blue flowers in the closed region and rotate them to the accessible region where you can harvest them. Once you are done, simply close the menu and harvest the flowers from where you placed them.

Once you have six or more flowers, you can head back to Minnie to go to the next part of the quest which also involves gathering different flowers. If you have any surplus Blue Star Lilies you can always sell them for 30 coins. That is all you need to know on how to find Blue Star Lilies in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, check out other where to find Paper in this game.

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