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Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 2 – Top 7 Weapons

Our list of Top Weapons

Apex Legends has been in its infancy and has already amassed a large audience, with constant updates and the newly Season 2 which brought in a new character called Wattson, things are starting to change and with it, there have been modifications to the weapons themselves.

Check out the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 2


1. Mastiff

Let’s begin with the biggest and one of the legendary weapons found in the game if you get the chance to get one of these bad boys in the game, it’s best you take it as there will be tons of players running just behind you to take it off you. You can deal up to 288 damage to your opponent with a single shot.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide


The Mastiff boasts of heavy damage regardless of what level armor the opponent has on, which means you can easily take down a target with just one hit. Here’s the catch though, you will have a limited supply of ammo, 20 to be precise, as the ammo for this gun isn’t found in the game, and neither can you find Mastiff in a loot box in the game as it is only found in airdrops in the game.

2. R-301 Carbine

The R-301 is one heck of an assault rifle, this weapon is one of the easiest to operate in Apex Legends and if you can get a hand on it, you can easily take on enemies which are at medium to close range, but the best part about the R-301 is the fact that it is just as good at long range targets if not better.


Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

When it comes to attachments, the R-301 is one of the most versatile weapons, as you can attach almost any optic to it with other attachments like stabilizers, extended mag and stock easily available. The R-301 uses light round ammo which isn’t that difficult to come by. All these things make the R-301 a trusty weapon.



Another legendary weapon on our list is the L-STAR EMG, what makes it so special is the fact that it has a special type of ammo for it and also that like every legendary weapon you can only get these from an airdrop. The L-STAR is a powerful weapon but there are a few reservations about it.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

The L-STAR will heat up if you shoot more than 18 weapons, but if you happen to have landed most of those shots on your opponent, you won’t have anything to worry about. A certainly game changer in the right hands, make sure you get this if you can.

4. Alternator

Do not go for how small and tiny this guns look, this packs a mega punch and is one of the most reliable guns you can get early in the game. The Alternator is an SMG which means that you will most certainly get quick-fire rounds, it uses Light rounds which are easily obtainable.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

The rate of fire of this gun, make it difficult for opponents to get out of the way and with a ton of applicable attachments, this is a great gun. Alternator has gotten an update with Season 2 and has been beefed up with stats, with good accuracy and stability, the Alternator is an amazing gun to have as a secondary weapon.

5. Kraber

For those who like staying the out of the action and dictating the gameplay from afar, the Kraber is for you, the Kraber is yet another legendary weapon on our list. A sniper which can one-shot kill anyone in its sight, Kraber is a useful gun.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

You can only get your one from an airdrop and limited ammo makes it that much special. It is effective irrespective of its range and will certainly keep enemies away from you, Kraber does a 2x damage if you manage to hit someone directly on their heads. Make sure you pick this one up, find a cozy spot and fire away.

6. P2020

The P2020 certainly looks like a pistol but works nothing short of an SMG, this semi-automatic pistol will certainly surprise you, with high damage for a pistol and quick-fire it almost disables your opponent from firing back.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

The P2020 uses light ammo which is easily available and you can use plenty of attachments to this pistol which enhances its abilities, the bullet spread isn’t much which makes it that much more desirable. You will find tons of videos out there where people quickly switch to the P2020 to deal quick damage to opponents.

7. G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is a sniper unlike you’ve ever seen one, it has probably the most versatility as a sniper and will help you take down targets easily from medium to far distances. The G7 Scout has high damage if you manage to land a headshot, you will dead 2x damage.

Best Apex Legend Weapons Guide

The G7 Scout uses light ammo which is easily available, the G7 Scout has the highest RPM of all snipers which makes it a genuine threat as you take an opponent in your sights. The G7 Scout will certainly be a favorite of fans regular Apex Legends players.