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Elden Ring Best Warrior Builds List

Looking for the best build to use with your Warrior Class in Elden Ring? Keep reading this guide to learn about them.

Having the best Warrior build will go a long way in Elden Ring. Warrior is one of the most fun classes for beginners and veterans alike. It is also recommended for new players thanks to the speed of this class yet having the ability to tank some attacks. But just starting with Warrior won’t ensure you have fun throughout, especially if you use the wrong builds. So in this guide let us learn the list of best Warrior class builds in Elden Ring, also learn about the best Early Build in the game.

Best Warrior Build in Elden Ring

best warrior build in elden ring

  • Weapons
    • Grafted Blade Greatsword
    • Stormhawk Axe
    • Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow
    • Scavenger’s Curved Sword
    • Reduvia Dagger
  • Shields
    • Hawk Crest Wooden Shield
    • Flame Crest Wooden Shield
    • Horse Crest Wooden Shield
  • Armor Sets
    • Carian Knight Set (combined weight is 23.5)
    • Godrick Knight Set (combined weight is 28.1)
    • Twinned Set (combined weight is 30)

The focus here is heavily on the weight (pun intended!) because your character should be light and fast. The above weapon recommendations are slightly on the heavier side. But you easily compensate for them with light shields and armors. So not only are you agile but also can deal some decent heavy damage. In case you do end up getting hit then because of the above builds you will take some damage and not die instantly.

  • Attributes to upgrade
    • Vigor
    • Endurance
    • Strength
    • Dexterity

From the above four stats, focus more of your upgrades on Endurance and Dexterity to increase your Stamina and ability to use advanced weapons. But don’t leave the other two attributes unupgraded as having a decent amount of strength and HP is equally important.

The Best Warrior Class Build for Early Game

elden ring best warrior build for early game

  • Weapons
    • Battle Axe
    • Claymore
    • Reduvia Dagger
  • Shields: Heater Shield (weighs 3.5)
  • Armor: Chain Set (combined weight is 21)
    • Coif
    • Armor
    • Gauntlets
    • Leggings

So to explain the above build. Starting with the weapons, Battle Axe and Claymore do excellent damage and can also be wielded by Warrior easily. You just need to increase your strength attribute a bit in order to use them effectively. But this is will come in handy as it will increase the damage. In case you choose to use Reduvia then avoid using Shield and dual wield both the daggers.

For the shield, Heater Shield is one of the best shields in the early game. You can easily block the physical attacks of bosses like Margit and Godrick. While this shield doesn’t block magic attacks that well it should have you covered with most physical attacks.

Lastly, the Chain set armor weighs only slightly heavier than your default starting set. But this armor gives some excellent defense to physical attacks.
As for the recommended attribute upgrades, those are the same as mentioned above in the best build section.

That sums up this guide on the best Warrior class builds list in Elden Ring, also learn the best early game build. You should also check our guides on the Best Builds list for Different classes, and the best starting classes if you want to try another class.