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Best Elden Ring Spirit Summons List

Here is a list of the best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features a variety of Mobs & Enemies. Some are easy while others are not so easy and then some will make you spawn the same Site of Grace like 50 times. The point is that, the Battles in this game are meant to be challenging and as such must be treated like difficult puzzles. One key in solving them is by using Spirit Summons. Spirit Summons are entities that you can summon from the Realm of Spirits. In Elden Ring, there is a wide variety of them, some better than the others. In this guide, I will show you the Best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring.

Best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring


best spirit summon elden ring

Spirit Summons can be done when you have the Spirits Ashes as well as the Spirit Calling Bell. Spirit Summons in Elden is done by using their respective Spirit Ash. The Spirit Calling Bell is the tool that allows us to summon the Spirits. If you do not already have the Spirit Calling Bell, then I highly suggest you check our article on it. If you do have it, here are the best Spirit Summons you should have.

Skeletal Militiaman


The Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Summon will spawn 2 Militiaman. If not dealt with properly, they will rise back up and battle again. You can get the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes from Summonwater Village by going to the lake in the east and defeating the Tibia Mariner Field Boss.

Godrick Soldier

The Godrick Soldier Spirit Summon will spawn 2 Soldiers. One of them will wield a Shield & a deadly Hammer and the other will wield a Crossbow. They are a strong duo and are the best for Boss Fights. You can get the Godrick Soldier Ashes from a Cemetery at the west of Stormhill. The area will be swarmed with Spirit Jellyfish. It will be there on one of the sides of the Grave.


Jellyfish Spirit Summons in Elden Ring

Speaking of Jellyfish, that is the next one on the list. The Jellyfish Spirit Summon in Elden Ring will spawn a Jellyfish Spirit that can do ranged as well as melee attacks. Although it takes a while to perform an attack and it can be interrupted. The best way to use the Jellyfish is to Tank attacks from enemies, especially Bosses as will apply a Damage debuff to the Boss. You can get the Jellyfish Ashes by looting a Corpse in Stormhill northwest from the Cemetery. Alternatively, you can talk to a Woman with a Red Hood in Stormhill Shack several times and get it.

Lhutel the Headless


The Lhutel the Headless Spirit Summon in Elden Ring is a Legendary Spirit. He is a pretty strong Spirit summon and maybe of the best companions to have during battles. You can get the Lhutel the Headless Ashes by defeating a Cemetery Shade in Tombsward Catacombs.

These were the best Spirit Summons in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Summon Spirits With Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.