Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work (2024)

Try these high-quality Discord music bots as alternatives if you are a fan of Groovy or Rythm bots. Find out if they support YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and more platforms.

As you may have already heard, the two most prominent music bots on Discord, Groovy and Rythm were shut down. It was unfortunate, but this happened because Google sent them a cease and desist letter to take down their services because they violated Youtube’s Terms of Service. So, we’ve got you covered if you are now on a hunt for Discord music bots that still work in 2024 and can be good alternatives to replace Groovy or Rythm.

Good Discord Music Bots Still Working Now in 2024

These are some of the best music bots that still work and can be good alternatives to your favorites. Note that some of these may drop support for Youtube videos to avoid getting a notice from Google. If any bot gets shut down in the future, we will update the information in this guide. If you want to know if they support Spotify, Youtube, or more, you can check out their official sites or Discord servers.

Hydra Bot – Best Discord Bot to Play High-Quality Music After Groovy & Rythm

hydra music bot

Hydra bot offers customization options, a commands list, multilingual language support, and more. If you choose the Premium, you can get global volume control, autoplay, audio effects, 24/7 playback, unlimited saved playlists, etc. Apart from English, it includes Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Most importantly, you can create a unique song request channel when setting up the bot. This bot is high-quality, easy to use, and pretty well-liked in the Discord community, so you can immediately use it as a Groovy alternative. One of the best ones available!

Jockie Music

Jockie Music allows you to play music from Youtube (when updating this article), Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and more. Plus it has some simple commands you can follow. For example, if you’d like to listen to songs from a Youtube or Spotify playlist, you have to join a voice channel and type m! play followed by the playlist link. To skip a song, type m!skip and to set up the bot features, type m!setup.


best grovy rythm bot alternative discord music bot

Mee6 offers a lot for Discord users, including moderation, custom commands, reaction roles, and more. Like other popular bots, Mee6 is used by over 14 million servers and is considered one of the best moderation and music bots. With this intuitive bot that is relatively stable, you can listen to music from your Discord server itself.

When a particular content creator starts a stream or creates new content on Twitch or Youtube, you can even get notified through this bot. There’s more – you can use the leveling system and level up fast to get special rewards. I have personally used this one and would vouch for it.


fredboat music bot

Fredboat is a free Discord music bot that you can add and use in your Discord server. It can play music from various platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. Listeners can shuffle their playlists with the help of this bot, and there are a few more features that you can also use.

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Chip Bot

chip bot discord music

With Chip bot, you can get high-quality music easily. It boasts of a lot of controls that you can use for the best experience. Moreover, it has 24/7 uptime as well. If you subscribe to the premium, you get many perks such as bass boost, 8D filter, nightcore mode, and much more.


Are you a fan of Lofi music? This Discord Chillbot will be at your service. Use various commands to play lofi beats, and enjoy! This bot also has 99% uptime, so you can relax and chill with friends without any issues.

BMO – Best Bot to Replace Groovy or Rythm

BMO bot

With BMO bot, you can do much, including music, games, reminders, to-dos, image manipulation, self-roles, chatbot, and more. Don’t forget to try it out and explore everything this bot offers on your server!


This bot has been around for quite some time, and along with music, you get dank memes and a lot more fun stuff. If you are searching for a bot that provides high-quality audio, try this one to replace Groovy or Rythm.


vexera music bot

Vexera is a free multipurpose bot used on more than 300,000+ servers. You can use it for moderation, to welcome or wish farewell to members, and of course, to play music. You can use various commands to control the tracks you are listening to.

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24/7 – Discord Radio Bot

247 discord radio bot

Want to listen to non-stop music on Discord? This 24/7 bot will let you do exactly that. Play any live stream or radio station and get lots of features in the premium as well. Check out the supported sources to know which music you can listen to without interruptions.


As you can tell from its name, Botify brings songs from the Spotify platform (and many more) right to your Discord channels. Apart from this, you can also play tracks from Soundcloud links and Twitch streams. The best part is that it is entirely free and open-source and has simple player commands. Use the customization options and make the most of this bot.

Lofi Radio

Lofi Radio is another music bot that you can use to listen to lovely lo-fi music. It will be active on your server 24/7 and only stop when you tell it. With high-quality audio and no lag, this is the one for you if you are into lo-fi music.


JMusicBot offers quick song loading, smooth playback, a clean interface, playlist support, and lots more features which is exactly what you may be looking for. You can set it up and run it yourself, which is something unique. Learn more about it from its GitHub page.

How do Music Bots Work?

Discord music bots let you play music while you are using Discord. So you can chill and listen to your favorite tracks during your chat sessions with your community. How it works is that the bot will pull music from various streaming platforms and play it for you through Discord.

So, if you are looking for the best Discord music bots as an alternative for Groovy or Rythm, try one or more of the ones mentioned above in 2024. We will be adding more bots to this list, so make sure you check back here often. And for more about Discord, check out our linked articles.