Best Discord Moderation Bots For Your Server 2023

Here are the best moderation and server management bots that you can use to automate actions on Discord.

One of the different types of bots that you must have on your Discord server is the Moderation bot. It is crucial, especially if you have a large server that is very active. If you are searching for one that will welcome new members while also keeping those creating a nuisance in check, this is the list for you. Here are some good Discord Moderation Bots that you can check out and select your favorite right away.

Best Moderation Bots for your Discord Server 2023

With these free Discord Moderation Bots, you can keep your server a safe space to use for everyone included in it and will also manage it to keep it pretty organized. If you don’t want to do things like welcoming or banning members, warning spammers, and more manually – these bots will do it for you.


mee6 discord moderation bot

Mee6 is used by 14+ million servers and one of the main reasons is that the moderation features are pretty good. Use it to welcome newcomers with a nice greeting message and inform them of the server rules and ongoing/upcoming events. It will take care of your server and automatically kick members if they exhibit bad behavior. This will help to keep things civil, safe and protected even if trolls decide to spam it. You can also use Mee6’s commands to level up your moderation skills. This is my top recommendation if you are thinking of trying out a good Discord moderation bot.


best discord moderation bot dyno

Dyno is a fully customizable moderation bot for Discord that you can use to manage your server. It is currently being used by more than 5 million servers because of its feature-rich dashboard, configuration options, custom commands, and more. Use it to mute, ban, show reminders and more with an intuituve interface.


probot discord

Looking for features like auto-responder, 99% uptime, multilingual support and anti-raid protection? Probot has them all. This is yet another multipurpose bot on our list which is also featured in our list of best Discord Music bots. You can find more unique ways to welcome new members, make embeds easily, use the leveling system, reaction roles, commands and much more with it.


tatsu discord bot

Tatsu doesn’t just offer top-notch moderation options, but it also has lots more features that will make the server fun for everyone involved. There are economy features, 100+ virtual pets, options to build your own house, profile card, rank card, levels, leaderboards, badge rewards and….the list is quite long! That’s how this bot can make your server THE best server in the community.

How to Add a Moderation Bot to your Server

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Head to the bot’s official website. There will be a button that you can Click to Invite the bot.
  3. Follow the process mentioned here to authorize the bot and set it up.
  4. After that, check out all the commands that you can use with the bot and start using it instantly.

That’s all about the best Discord moderation bots you can use to manage your server even better. If you want to play some games while you are at it and want to improve engagement, here are the best Discord game bots that you must try out.