Best Discord Game Bots To Play Fun Games On Your Server 2023

Want to play games with your server members? Here's a list of the best Discord game bots to try out!

On Discord, you can do a lot of fun stuff like playing music, sharing memes and yes, you can also play games together. It gives you a feeling of having a community like no other platform as of now. If you want to add more spice to your dormant server and increase activity, here are the best Discord game bots that you can invite and add. This list will constantly stay updated and currently includes an anime game, a quiz/trivia option and more!

Fun Discord Game Bots to Add to your Server and Play Games (2023)

Here are some of the best Discord game bots you can add to play games on your servers.


garticbot Best Discord Game Bots

Love drawing and guessing games like pictionary? Then this bot is a godsend. When you add GarticBOT to your server, it will post images drawn by others and you have to guess what it is. Not every drawing is perfectly made which makes it even more fun. Compete with one another to guess the image fast! Start the game on your channel with the g.gartic command or use g.hint to get a hint about the answer. You can also change the themes and use categories like animals, food, objects and even Pokemon.

TriviaBot – Good Quiz Games Bot for Discord

triviabot quiz bot discord

If you want to test the knowledge of all the members in your server, this is the quiz bot for you. With TriviaBot, you get loads of questions (100,000+) from various categories and you can use commands such as !quickfire, !hardcore and more. You can also submit your own questions which the bot will use in the future. If you need any hints, you get them too. This one is highly recommended to add some fun and competition to your server.


gamesrob bot

The Gamesrob Discord game bot doesn’t have just one game – it has lots of games that you have loved and played growing up. The list includes minesweeper, hangman, tictactoe, connect four and more. It’s a pretty well-made bot that you can start with the g*tictactoe, g*hangman and more such commands. For any help, type g*help.

Rock Puppy

rock puppy

Similar to the one listed above, Rock Puppy has many games that you can enjoy with your friends. There’s truth or dare, would you rather, connect 4 etc. If you want to improve the engagement in your server and want to get people to come together again, this game bot can be a good choice!

Karuta – Anime Discord Game Bot

karuta anime bot for discord

Are you and your friends Anime fans? This collectible card game bot could be something that you’d be interested in. Karuta has thousands of anime characters and it is perfect for casual as well as hardcore anime fans especially those who are looking to make friends with similar interests. With these collectibles, you can upgrade, trade, customize and more. Also, with this bot, your cards, items as well as stats go with you across every Discord server.

Now, this list is far from over. As we discover and try out more Discord game bots, we will add some of the best right here. Meanwhile, why don’t you try out our recommendations of the best Music bots on Discord?