Why Is Discord Groovy Bot Shutting Down? (Answered)

Wondering why Discord Groovy Bot is shutting down and ending its service? Find out here.

Discord users may be familiar with the famous Groovy Music bot and yes, what you’ve heard is true. Groovy bot is shutting down and ending its service. Its last day online will be August 30th, 2021 and after that, this music bot will no longer be available. Here’s more about why Groovy Bot is shutting down.

Why is Groovy Bot Shutting Down?

Basically, Youtube is taking action against this Discord Music bot. It has sent a notice (cease and desist) to Groovy Bot’s owners on the basis of Terms of Service violation. A cease and desist letter gives a notice to the receivers to stop a particular activity or else a lawsuit will be initiated. It included that they “modified the service and used it for commercial purposes”.

How the bot worked is that Discord users could play Youtube video music on Discord and that’s why it ended up becoming super popular. But due to the notice, Groovy will be shutting down on August 30th, 2021.

Here’s the message that the owner of Discord Groovy Bot has posted:

groovy bot shutting down

Groovy bot has been added on loads of Discord servers and boasts of millions of users. As per this Reddit thread, it was the 2nd biggest Discord bot with 16 million servers actively using it. With it, you can have a listening party on your server and you could play music from Youtube as well as Soundcloud, Spotify and more. Plus, it had a Premium version as well. For more information about what Nik Ammerlaan has to say about this shut down, check out the article on Verge.

Now that the Groovy bot is going offline soon, its daily users will surely miss it. Let’s wait and watch what this means for the other Music bots available on Discord. It’s unlikely that Youtube will allow other bots to operate if they have already taken down one of the biggest Discord bots.

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