Jagged Alliance 3: How To Get Best Melee Weapon (Blaubert Quest Guide)

Bored of using the guns and need to take things up close? You should use the best melee weapon available in Jagged Alliance 3.

If you are looking to get the Best Melee Weapon in Jagged Alliance 3, we have just the Thing for you. That’s right there is a Machete in the game known as The Thing, that you can use to deal some serious damage. You may already have the best starting mercs or the best guns in the game, but this is one weapon you shouldn’t miss out on.

Getting your hands on it won’t be easy as there is an entire quest line around it. While it may not be easy, it should sure be fun. So if you are looking to meet some interesting NPCs and do a lot of killing, here is how you can unlock the Thing in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Get the Best Melee Weapon in Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Melee Weapon & Boss Blaubert Quest

“The Thing” is the best melee weapon that you get by completing the Boss Blaubert quest. Here you have to free his right-hand man Luigi from the prison. This is how you go about this questline:

  1. Go to Rimville in sector I9 and talk to Boss Blaubert. It is located south of Fleatown.
    • You have to gain his trust first in order to get missions from him. One way to do that is using Lalee Leewaylender.
  2. He will ask you to break out Luigi from the Prison. This is located in Sector L6.
  3. Get to the Prison and defeat the enemies to make your way to the Warden. Try using stealth kills as they are quite effective here.
  4. Now you have two options here, you can either Kill the Warden or talk and get him to bring Luigi to you.
    • Talking is the better option as it will help you avoid any unnecessary fights and will get Luigi to you faster.
    • Else, if that doesn’t work out then kill him for a chance to get the AA12 shotgun. Do note that while this gun may be tempting, this path will make you fight more enemies underground.
  5. Free Luigi and his bodyguard, and they will head over to kill Blaubert.
    • Optional step – You can stay and free the innocent prisoners before going back to earn some loyalty points.
  6. Go back and there will be a fight between Blaubert and Luigi.
  7. Pick Blaubert’s side and kill Luigi and his bodyguard to get The Thing as your reward.

That’s all you need to do to unlock the best melee weapon in Jagged Alliance 3. Since you are interested in this game you might also find these guides useful on how to get ammo, create custom mercs, and get meds.