Francis’ Father’s Forgotten Grave Location In Jagged Alliance 3

Here is the location of Francis' father's Forgotten Grave in Jagged Alliance 3.

Apart from gunfights and hiring new mercs, you will also have to solve quests like the Forgotten Grave in Jagged Alliance 3. The mission is given by Francis whose mother passed away. He will request you to find his father’s grave as his mother’s last wish was to be buried next to her husband. However, the problem is that Francis doesn’t know where the grave is. He will only give you a vague description of where to find it. If you are confused, our guide can show you the Francis’ Father’s Forgotten Grave location.

How to Find the Forgotten Grave in Jagged Alliance 3

francis father forgotten grave

The Forgotten Grave in Jagged Alliance 3 that you are looking for is actually located in Sector D19. Francis will give you a hint that his father’s grave is somewhere along the river bank. Since there are several sectors along the river on the game’s map, this clue is rather vague. However, some players have complained on Steam that they were not able to find the Forgotten Grave in D19. If this is the case for you as well, then first click on the “Notes” button at the bottom right of your screen. It will show you the possible location of Francis’ father’s grave in three different sectors.

Francis can be seen standing in front of his cabin in the sector neighboring Ille Morat. After talking to him, you will have to head to sector D19. Go towards the northernmost part of the sector until you find a thick bush. Hidden behind this bush is Francis’ father’s grave. Keep in mind to have a Machete equipped on one of your Mercs as you will need it to clear the bushes. Once the bushes are cleared by the machete, you will find the Forgotten Grave.

That’s everything you need to know about the Forgotten Grave’s location in Jagged Alliance 3. We hope that our guide helped you locate Francis’ father’s grave. Since you’re here, you can also check out more such informative guides in our Jagged Alliance 3 section.