Jagged Alliance 3 Jackhammer Choices: Kill Or Spare

Find out if you are better off killing Jackhammer or sparing his life in Jagged Alliance 3.

Don’t know whether to kill Jackhammer or let him go in Jagged Alliance? Our guide below has the answer you are looking for. There are various enemy leaders that you will come up against while trying to liberate a war-torn country from a rebel faction. Jackhammer is one of the most evil and powerful enemy leaders in JA3. During your fight with him, you will be posed with several choices. With each of them having different rewards and outcomes – it’s important to choose the right one. Our guide will show you all the choices during Jackhammer’s fight.

All Jackhammer Choices in Jagged Alliance 3

jackhammer kill or spare ja3

Jackhammer can be found at the Good Place outpost in Sector L6. To make him surrender, you will need to defeat all his troops and also deplete his HP. You will then be able to engage in a conversation with Jackhammer after he surrenders. Here are all the choices you will have when facing Jackhammer in Jagged Alliance 3.

Time to Die

If you kill Jackhammer, you will get Kevlar Leggings, an AA12 shotgun, and 10 Loyalty gain with Port Cacao as rewards. However, this might have long-term implications in Jagged Alliance 3.

Send Jackhammer to Prison

The “You will go to Prison” choice will reward you with an AA12 shotgun, 5 Loyalty gain with Port Cacao, and also increase the morale of your mercs.

Let Him Go

Lastly, you can also let Jackhammer go. But this won’t give you any rewards. The morale of your mercenaries will be negatively affected and you will also lose 10 Loyalty with Port Cacao. Moreover, Jackhammer will return to the prison again and attack it. If he succeeds, he will head to Port Cacao later.

During the conversation with Jackhammer, you will also be able to unlock another hidden choice if you fail the Wisdom and Leadership checks. You will be able to threaten Jackhammer and take $10,000 as ransom for releasing him from prison.

Should You Kill or Spare Jackhammer in Jagged Alliance 3

Instead of killing Jackhammer in Jagged Alliance 3, you can send him to prison. Putting him in jail will also give you similar loot – an AA12 shotgun and 5 Loyalty gain with Port Cacao. Though killing Jackhammer will give you armor, there will be long-term consequences that you will have to deal with. So, the best choice is to send Jackhammer to jail in Jagged Alliance 3.

That’s everything you need to know about all the choices during the Jackhammer fight in Jagged Alliance 3. If this helped you, then check out similar guides on all Bastien choices and how to recruit Pierre in our Jagged Alliance 3 section.