Jagged Alliance 3 Bastien – All Choices During Each Encounter

Here are all the available choices during each Bastien encounter in Jagged Alliance 3.

Don’t know which choice to go with while confronting Bastien in Jagged Alliance 3? Our guide below can help you out. Bastien is the head of a small gang that is affiliated with the Legion faction. Depending on your choice, he can either cause a roadblock or help you progress faster in the game. You will be able to meet him twice in the game – if you choose wisely, Bastien can end up smuggling food for you. If you are confused, then keep reading till the end.

All Bastien Choices During First Encounter in Jagged Alliance 3

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When you meet Bastien for the first time at Sector I1 in Jagged Alliance 3, you will have three options to choose from. Here are all the choices you will have.

  • Kill Bastien

Though killing Bastien will decrease fort defenses and reward you with 150 EXP and 10 Loyalty with Ernie, you won’t be able to recruit Pierre later on.

  • Don’t Kill Him

If you choose to spare Bastien, you can meet him later at a camp in H3. Although you won’t receive any rewards for doing this, you will be able to confront him later and get more information.

  • Sweet Talk

This will work only if you have high Wisdom. You will be able to de-escalate the situation by avoiding a potential enemy and also get three small diamonds from Bastien himself.

All Choices During Second Encounter with Bastien

The second encounter with Bastien will take place in a camp located in H3. He will threaten you by demanding a ransom to pass through his camp. During this meeting, you will have four choices – each of them will have different outcomes.

  • Pay the Ransom

If you choose to pay the ransom of $1000 to pass through Bastien’s camp, you will only get 150 EXP in return. This choice only makes sense if you have loads of money to spend and want an easy way out.

  • Threaten Bastien

You can also threaten Bastien and make him surrender all his arms to you. Doing so will give you an AK-47, MP40, ammo, 150 EXP, 5 Ernie Loyalty, 115$, and some Diamonds. However, you can only do this if you have high Wisdom.

  • Trick Bastien

Another choice is tricking Bastien which can only work if you have Fox in your team of mercenaries. You will be able to incite Bastien’s troops to turn against him. This will give you 300 EXP and also remove Bastien from the fort’s defenses.

  • Kill Him

Lastly, you will also have the choice of killing him. As mentioned previously, this will reward you with 150 EXP and 10 Loyalty with Ernie but you won’t be able to recruit Pierre later on.

Should you Spare or Kill Bastien?

Killing Bastien in Jagged Alliance 3 would put you at a bigger disadvantage in the long run. Moreover, it makes no real sense to kill Bastien for just a small amount of EXP, Loyalty points with Ernie, and a few Diamonds. If you spare Bastien in both encounters, then he will end up smuggling food for you and you will also be able to recruit Pierre.

That’s everything you need to know about all the choices in every Bastien encounter in Jagged Alliance 3. For more guides on the game, visit our Jagged Alliance 3 section.