Lords Of The Fallen Best Catalysts

Here are the three best Catalysts of each category in Lords of the Fallen.

If you are looking to take ranged fights then there are some Catalysts best for this task in Lords of the Fallen. These let you deal not only physical damage but are mainly useful for magic damage. Depending on the Magic school you choose you can learn Radiance, Umbral, and Inferno types of magic which deal Holy, Dark, and Fire damage respectively. Since these are the tools through which you will attack, it is crucial you choose the right one for the job. There are many things that go into consideration when it comes to selecting them like their stat scaling, damage output, spell slots, and more. So from all the Catalysts available in LotF, these are the ones you should definitely use.

Best Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen Best Catalysts
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The three best Catalysts in their respective categories are:

  • Radiant Catalyst
    • Exacter Scripture
  • Inferno Catalyst
    • Rhogar Heart
  • Umbral Catalyst
    • Lost Berescu’s Catalyst

Here is why they are the best:

Exacter Scripture

At base stats, Exacter Scripture has a spell power of 93 and has 5 spell slots. It has a C+ scaling for Radiance and weighs 0.9. You can find it at Upper Calrath.

Rhogar Heart

At base stats, Rhogar Heart gives you a spell power of 94 and 5 spell slots. It scales with Inferno with a C+ scaling and weighs 0.9. You should kill Conflagrant Seer at Bramis Castle to get it as a possible drop.

Lost Berescu’s Catalyst

At base stats, Lost Berescu’s Catalyst has 97 spell power and 5 spell slots. It has a C scaling for both Radiance and Inferno. Lost Berescu’s Catalyst is slightly on the heavier side compared to the above catalysts as it weighs 1.8. Go to the Revelation Depths to get it.

With that, you now know all 3 best Catalysts in Lords of the Fallen, their base stats, and where you can find them.

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