How To Find Winterberry In Lords Of The Fallen Byron’s Quest

Winterberry is an NPC in Lords of the Fallen that you should find if you want to complete Byron’s questline the right way. When you talk to Byron he will be looking for Catrin’s Pendant. Without getting too much into the details, this NPC has it. Things can get really sour if Byron doesn’t find out about this from you. So for the good of all the NPCs involved and to get the Moving On trophy here is how you can find her.

Where to Find Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen (Location)

How To Find Winterberry In Lords Of The Fallen
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You can find Winterberry in Revelation Depths. Getting to her is complicated as you first need to kill a boss for it. However, that isn’t even the hard part, the problem is where you go next after beating the boss is what can lock you out of finding her. So here is the proper way to get to her:

  1. Start by finding and talking to Byron in Sunless Skein. You can find him near the Vestige of Catrin.
  2. Exhaust all his dialogues and you will find out about Catrin’s Pendant and that Byron is looking for it.
  3. Next, go to Cistern and defeat Skinstealer.
  4. He will drop the Drainage Control Key along with other items.
  5. Important, DO NOT use the elevator in front of you after beating Skinstealer. In case you have already used the elevator, then you have no choice but to start all over again in your NG+ playthrough.
  6. After getting the key, you have to use it to drain the cistern.
  7. Defeat the Bringer of Stillness, Nullity, & Silence bosses for it.
  8. Next, use the lever and drain it.
  9. A path made of cages and wooden planks will now appear which you can use to reach the Revelation Depths.
  10. Make your way to the area where you can plant your Vestige seed.
  11. Finally, from here stick to the left wall and keep going left and you will find Winterberry.

How to Get Byron’s Pendant & Moving On Achievement

After finding Winterberry talk to her and exhaust all her dialogues. Now, go back to Byron and exhaust his dialogues as well. Once all of that is done go back to the area where you defeated Skinstealer and use the elevator you previously skipped. From here you can go to Skyrest. Find Byron here and talk to him to get Umbral Eye of Ethryg. You also unlock the Moving On achievement by doing this and end up completing Byron’s quest line.

That’s all for where you can find Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen and how to complete Byron’s Quest. Since you are interested in this game also check out our guides on where to find Andreas of Ebb’s book, how to get plucked eyeballs, and the Book of Sin location.