How To Get Plucked Eyeballs In Lords Of The Fallen

Although there are numerous currencies in the game, players should focus some attention on getting Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen. If you are wondering what’s so special about this currency, they are a kind of currency that players can pool with others to get useful rewards. However, if that’s not interesting for you, simply horde up a few and you will be able to buy out a few items from specific locations.

Since you are looking for Plucked Eyeballs in LOTF, you might also be in the need to farm Umbral Scouring. Having said that, let me tell you that in order to get this currency, you might have to hunt down certain difficult enemies. It’s important that you know how to upgrade weapons, upgrade Sanguinarix, and increase ammo capacity. That being said, magic cast and boss weapons are also valuable mechanics that you need to keep an eye on in Lords of the Fallen.

What are Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen?

What are Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen

Although Plucked Eyeballs are a currency in the game, getting them can be tricky since you need avenge players who have died. That’s right, other players can die at the hands of an enemy in their playthrough and you get the chance to avenge them. You will have to defeat whatever enemy they lost to and you will earn yourself a huge quantity.

How to Get Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen

To get Plucked Eyeballs, you need to look out for little lanterns on the ground with red moths around them. Interact with the lantern and then the red moths will create a path for you to follow. It’s likely that this appears close to where the enemy is. So the best course of action if you are farming Plucked Eyeballs in Lords of the Fallen is to head to locations where it’s likely that players will die.

Apart from that, you can purchase the Eye of Vengeance from either the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in Skyrest Bridge, Molhu in Skyrest Bridge, or Winterberry at Revelation Depths. Once you get this consumable, you can use it’s effect to unveil further opportunities for vengeance. Having said that, if you are farming heavily for this currency, it’s best that you don’t spend your currency here. Avenging players is the best way since you can get up to 150 Plucked Eyeballs for simply killing an enemy (they may or may not even be hard to beat).

How to Use Plucked Eyeballs in LOTF

How to Use Plucked Eyeballs in LOTF

Players can head to the Shrine of the Putrid Mother in Skyrest Bridge and then either use the Plucked Eyeballs to buy items. Or they can donate it to the pool of currencies that all players have been participating in to get exciting rewards as you level up. The rewards for donating are pretty unique and worth it. However, don’t forget to hold a few hundreds for yourself just in case, you need to buy some important item.

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