Lords Of The Fallen Weapons Scaling: Hard & Soft Cap Explained

Weapons Scaling in Lords of the Fallen works in the same way as Elden Ring and most Soulslike games. However, if you are not a veteran then it’s likely that this game mechanism will be going over your head. Basically, weapons scaling is an essential part while making your build in LotF. Since this mechanic is in concern, you will also have to understand how Soft Cap and Hard Cap work and how they will influence the ultimate power that your build will generate.

Since Weapons Scaling is an important part for LotF (since you invest resources in it), it’s not like you can just skip it. Sooner or later the lack of attention to this will catch up and leave you worried. Of course, while you choose the best starting class, you would want to make sure that you can scale up to the best that your stats have to offer. Having said that, you will have to know things like how to upgrade weaponsupgrade Sanguinarix, and increase ammo capacity. Also, having boss weapons on you is quite advantageous since you will be spending some time and a lot of investment.

What is Weapons Scaling in Lords of the Fallen?

Weapons Scaling in Lords of the Fallen works by scaling up or increasing the damage output of your weapon using the different stats or attributes of your character. Each Weapon can be scaled with Strength, Agility, Radiance, and Inferno and the system works close to how it does in Elden Ring.

Players can identify it through the alphabet next to it (check the image below). S is the best Scaling, followed by A, B, C, D, and E. However, that does not quite clear it entirely.

What is Weapons Scaling in Lords of the Fallen
Image Source: Screenshot via Lords of the Fallen

In the image above, you can see the Attack Power to be 135 and if you see the Physical below, it’s split into 125 + 10. Once you upgrade your weapon, it will change the amount of Attack Power you get and you will see a difference in the Physical on one of those numbers. However, when you scale up on the above mentioned attributes as well, you will have an additional Attack Power and you will see the other attribute rising as well. This mechanic altogether is what Weapons Scaling is all about.

If all of this seems confusing, sadly that’s not where it ends since one of the most neglected things while creating a build with Weapon Scaling is the Soft Cap & the Hard Cap.

What is the Soft Cap in Lords of the Fallen?

The value for upgrading your stats isn’t always equal and you will be able to see the difference every time you do so. However, each weapon has a Soft Cap which means after this point, the value you get from Weapons Scaling in Lords of the Fallen will be lesser than what you got previously. Although it’s not the max level that the weapon can go to, this is the point beyond which you won’t get as many Attack Power points as you did before. Usually, once your weapon reaches the Soft Cap in Lords of the Fallen, it will be highlighted in Yellow.

What is the Hard Cap in LOTF?

Even after the Soft Cap, players can continue their Weapons Scaling. However, a few points below the max level cap, there will come a point when the number turns red. This is the Hard Cap in Lords of the Fallen and at this point, you will get even lesser value for your investments. If you were getting 3-4 points earlier, the stats will now increase only by 1 or 2. Once a weapon reaches a Hard Cap, progression becomes very difficult without proper dedication to the weapons.

If you are investing time in the game, you would want the Weapons Scaling to be on point. So make sure you have a comfortable weapon no less than C class on which you can spend some time and investment. Ultimately, the build you create will be affected by these mechanics so make sure you do so wisely. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other LOTF Guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.