Best Starting Class In Lords Of The Fallen

One of the most tricky questions to answer is which is the best starting class in Lords of the Fallen 2. Lords of the Fallen is a Soulslike game so ultimately it also comes down to ones preference. Having said that, you would want to at least have a base before you make that choice and invest time in the game. While we have attacking and defensive fighters, there are also magic class that can make a hell lot of difference. Whether you should start with them or not is something entirely on your gameplay.

Since there are two realms in the game and you will to constantly deal with two sets of enemies as you switch realms, this choice is certainly an important one. Although I have played the magic class before, there is something about Lords of the Fallen that makes you want to go on a full rampage with your weapons. Of course, if you are starting out the game, you would want a defensive type of class. But if you are a Souls veteran and are ready to jump into the deep mud, there are some mobile classes that will absolutely blow you away.

Do Note that currently, class change is not really an option so what you choose here will be written in stone unless you restart the game. Additionally, there are secret classes that won’t be unlocked in the first playthrough. However, the next time you play the game from the start, you will have a powerful class with you.

Which is the Best Starting Class in Lords of the Fallen?

Best Starting Class in Lords of the Fallen
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Whilst the best Starting Class in Lords of the Fallen is concerned, most would tell you to go for the Hallowed Knight or the Partisan. If you are new to the Soulslike genre, you will find it easier to have your way around with these. Hallowed Knight is perfect for beginners since it provides higher defensive stats. However, if mobility and balance is something you have your eyes on, then Partisan is the class you are looking for. Partisan is probably the most balanced class even though it is devoid of any magic.

Apart from these two, Udirangr Warwolf is also a class worthy of your choice since it focuses a lot on dealing damages to your enemies. What this class lacks in defense, it makes up in its offensive capabilities. Additionally, if you want to make your journey through Lords of the Fallen with the magic class, look no further than the Orian Preacher. Radiance spells, like Radiant Flare, and holy damage, this class has it all when it comes to magic damage. Another amazing starting class under this category would be the Pyric Cultist who comes in with an amazing inferno damage and ghastly looking staff.

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