How To Kick In Lords Of The Fallen

Wondering what are the controls for Kicking an enemy in Lords of the Fallen? It is a simple yet tricky move to perform as the game does not explain much about the controls. But why should one Kick when they can cast catastrophic Magic Spells? Well, in this guide, you will learn exactly when and how you should Kick in LOTF.

You must learn how to Kick in Lords of the Fallen 2 if you want to Backstab or Frontstab an enemy. Performing these Grievous Strikes is only possible if you have stunned an opponent. While you can unleash a Charged Attack to stun, kicking will cost you less amount of Stamina. So you see, using your legs can prove to be beneficial in this Soulslike too.

How to Kick in Lords of the Fallen (Controls)

  • On PC: Hold the Shift key and left mouse button
  • On PS5: Hold L1 and press R1
  • On Xbox X/S: Hold LT and press RT

The above are all the controls to Kick in Lords of the Fallen. Keep in mind that using this move will cost you less stamina than other big moves in your arsenal. However, it also causes less damage to the opponent. Kicking a smaller enemy will instantly stagger them so you can perform the finishing move. But some brutes will take more than just a kick so be prepared for that too.

How To Kick In Lords Of The Fallen
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While researching, I found out that one of the best spots to Kick is near a cliff. You will come across locations where an enemy will stand near a vantage point. What you can do here is sneak behind them and kick to throw them off the cliff. Aside from this, you can also Kick to create some distance between you and the enemy.

That covers everything on how to Kick in Lords of the Fallen. For more such content, feel free to browse through Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of helpful LOTF Guides for you here.