Best Early Game Vigor Farm For Lords Of The Fallen

Here is the place where you can easily farm Vigor in Lords of the Fallen.

If you are having a hard time in Lords of the Fallen then you need to use this best early game Vigor farm. Since it is a Souls-like game, you can think of Vigor as Souls from Dark Souls which you can use to level up your character. These will be needed no matter if you want to increase your Vitality, Strength, or any other stat. They play an important role because the initial weapons you get will mostly be weak and won’t do much damage. However, you can get boss weapons to easily take care of the enemies. The catch is boss weapons have higher requirements to effectively use them. So to solve that, here is how you can easily collect Vigor fast in LotF.

Best Location to Farm Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

The best place where you can farm Vigor is in a spot which you can reach from Vestige of Blind Agatha. Thanks to iSeraph on YouTube for finding and sharing this glitch. Be sure to check out their video as well.

There are two ways to farm here. The AFK glitch happens to be patched for PC so we will check it in a bit. But here is a method that everyone can use.

Best Vigor Farm Location For Lords Of The Fallen
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak
  1. Rest at Vestige of Blind Agatha.
  2. In front of you, you can see an enemy.
  3. Run straight past them and jump down the cliff. Make sure to run as it will also make them run, it won’t happen if you attack them.
  4. The enemy will drop while trying to chase you.
  5. Once you are back on top, collect the Vigor they drop.
  6. Go back to the site and rest.

Repeat the above farm for as long as you like. Each time you do this trick the enemies should drop anywhere between 600-800 Vigor. It barely takes a minute to do this trick. So while it can get tedious and boring after a while, this is still quite a quick way to farm Vigor early.

AFK Vigor Farm for Lords of the Fallen

How To Farm Vigor In Lords Of The Fallen
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak

This glitch may not work on PC if you are on the latest patch released on October 18, 2023. But if you haven’t updated your game yet then you can try it offline. It should still be working for console players.

  1. Go to the Vestige of Blind Agatha.
  2. Run toward the enemy in front of you, fight them, or use the above trick to easily kill them.
  3. This time instead of going back to the site turn right and keep going straight.
  4. Reach down and pull the platform in front of you.
  5. Go to the other side and stand in the exact position as shown in the above image.

Once set, you can go AFK and let the Vigor pile up. After you are done waiting go and collect them and you will be able to level up easily.

That’s all for the best early-game Vigor farm for Lords of the Fallen. For more topics of this game be sure to also check our guides on how to get rebirth chrysalis, get Pieta’s sword, and the shrine of the Putrid Mother location.