Best Armor In Remnant 2 (2023)

Here's the Best Armor that you can equip to maintain your movement speed and gain additional damage resistance in Remnant 2.

Unable to figure out the Best Armor in Remnant 2? Each Armor consists of different pieces such as Head Armor, Body Armor, Leg Armor, and Gloves. Once equipped, they increase damage resistance against various damage types. However, before damage protection, one must consider the Weight of the Armor. That’s because the Weight of an Armor determines your movement speed. All these factors can make you overwhelmed while selecting an Armor. And that’s why we are here to help you out in selecting the Best Armor Set for yourself. Take a look below.

Which is the Best Armor Set in Remnant 2

Below is the list of the Best Armor in Remnant 2. The Armor ranked in the top position have higher Damage Resistance but is also Heavy.

Armor Set Armor Pieces Weight Type
Leto Mark II Set
  • Leto Mark II Armor
  • Leto Mark II Gloves
  • Leto Mark II Helmet
  • Leto Mark II Leggings
90 Ultra Heavy Armor Set
Radiant Set
  • Radiant Protector
  • Radiant Bracers
  • Radiant Visage
  • Radiant Greaves
61 Heavy Armor Set
Bruiser Set
  • Bruiser Bodyplate
  • Bruiser Gloves
  • Bruiser Helmet
  • Bruiser Boots
60 Heavy Armor Set
Fae Royal Set
  • Fae Royal Bodyplate
  • Fae Royal Vambraces
  • Fae Royal Headcover
  • Fae Royal Greaves
55 Heavy Armor Set
Technician Set
  • Technician Bodyplate
  • Technician Gloves
  • Technician Helmet
  • Technician Greaves
58 Heavy Armor Set
Void Set
  • Void Carapace
  • Void Wraps
  • Void Skull
  • Void Greaves
57 Heavy Armor Set
Knotted Set
  • Knotted Cage
  • Knotted Gloves
  • Knotted Helm
  • Knotted Greaves
56 Heavy Armor Set
Red Widow Set
  • Red Widow Raiment
  • Red Widow Bracers
  • Red Widow Headdress
  • Red Widow Leggings
48 Medium Armor Set
High Noon Set
  • High Noon Duds
  • High Noon Armguards
  • High Noon Hat
  • High Noon Soles
39 Medium Armor Set
Academic’s Set
  • Academic’s Overcoat
  • Academic’s Gloves
  • Academic’s Hat
  • Academic’s Trousers
42 Medium Armor Set
Nightstalker Set
  • Nightstalker Garb
  • Nightstalker Gloves
  • Nightstalker Shroud
  • Nightstalker Pants
36 Medium Armor Set
Field Medic Set
  • Field Medic Overcoat
  • Field Medic Gloves
  • Field Medic Hat
  • Field Medic Trousers
35 Medium Armor Set
Trainer Set
  • Trainer Clothes
  • Trainer Bracer
  • Trainer Cap
  • Trainer Workboots
33 Medium Armor Set
Survivor Set
  • Survivor Overcoat
  • Survivor Gloves
  • Survivor Leggings
33 Medium Armor Set
Dendroid Set
  • Dendroid Chest
  • Dendroid Grips
  • Dendroid Mask
  • Dendroid Leggings
25 Light Armor Set
Elder Set
  • Elder Raiment
  • Elder Gloves
  • Elder Headdress
  • Elder Leggings
24 Light Armor Set
Space Worker Set
  • Space Worker Body
  • Space Worker Gloves
  • Space Worker Mask
  • Space Worker Legs
23 Light Armor Set
Realmwalker Set
  • Realmwalker Tunic
  • Realmwalker Gloves
  • Realmwalker Beret
  • Realmwalker Pantaloons
21 Light Armor Set

Best Armor Set In Remnant 2

The type of Armor you have equipped has an associated Stamina Cost. The heavier the armor the more Stamina Cost you’ll have to bear. Check out below to know more.

  • Ultra Heavy Armor – 75% Stamina Cost
  • Heavy Armor – 50% Stamina Cost
  • Medium Armor – 25% Stamina Cost
  • Light Armor – No Stamina Cost

If we consider both the Weight and Damage Protection, then the Red Widow Armor Set is the Best in Remnant 2. Despite being a Medium Armor, it provides decent protection against all types of status effects.

Now that you know the Best Armor in Remnant 2, ensure to make the most out of it. Moreover, if you are looking for the Best Weapons & Guns, then make sure to check out our Tier List on it. And for more such content, we have tons of guides stacked up in your Remnant 2 section right here at Gamer Tweak.