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Remnant 2 Best Solo Classes For Players

Check out this guide to know the best solo classes that you can try out in Remnant 2.

Choosing the right and the best class to experience the gameplay and stop evils from destroying reality in Remnant 2 is necessary, especially if you are heading out solo. Though the game offers an enhanced co-op experience like never before, going through your solo adventures can be even more fun. Each class in Remnant 2 comes with its strength and experiences that players will come across as they gradually progress in their campaign. So the best option would be to explore all the classes available, although sometimes it can be difficult to choose from given the variety. Check out this guide further as you will get to know the one you should pick for your adventures.

Best Solo Classes For Remnant 2

Here are two of the best classes in Remnant 2 according to us that maximize the potential of your solo adventures:

The Handler

handler in remnant 2

The Handler is undoubtedly the best class that players can play solo in Remnant 2. Not only does it provide strong abilities in the game it also lets you have a dog companion alongside for support. For players starting their journey solo, having additional support will give you the edge in several battles. You can command your dog to attack a specific enemy in Remnant 2 while also utilizing its other 3 passive skills that it provides in the game. This includes buffing up your damage and defense along with HP regeneration. The class also has increased movement speed which is helpful in dire situations in the game.

The Challenger

challenger in remnant 2

The Challenger should easily be your second pick in Remnant 2. Though it might not be a powerful class as say a Handler or even a Medic, it is an absolute powerhouse as a tank in the game. If you prefer heavy attacks and high damage potential then this class will offer you everything you need. Due to his increased survivability, he is got more than enough to deal extensive damage in Closed Combats. You can have total fun playing this class solo as it is one of the easiest ones you will come across in Remnant 2. With its Die Hard ability players can make the archetype almost invulnerable for a time being and also heal part of his HP.

These are our picks for the best classes you can choose in Remnant 2 for going solo. If you find these archetypes to be more difficult and not suited to your playstyle we recommend you to look out for their abilities. As the game progresses you can change your archetype accordingly if you want.

That’s everything covered on the best solo classes for Remnant 2. Check out our dedicated Archetype Tier List guide for more information and for more interesting guides like these look out for our dedicated Remnant 2 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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