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How To Get The Fae Royal Armor Set In Remnant 2 (Location)

Fae Royal Armor Set is one of the Best Heavy Armor with maximum damage protection in Remnant 2. Here's how you can unlock it.

Unlocking the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2 requires you to solve a Postulant chess puzzle. This Armor Set includes Bodyplate, Vambraces, Headcover, and Greaves. Investing the time and effort into obtaining this Heavy Armor Set is totally worth it. That’s because it grants you resistance against Fire, Bleed, and Blight damage types. And aesthetically, the Fae Royal Armor set makes your character look cool and ghastly. Sounds intriguing right? Scroll down below to know how to get it.

Fae Royal Armor Set Location in Remnant 2

The Fae Royal Armor Set is unlocked after playing a Tic Tac Toe (looks like a chess board) game against the Postulant (NPC) in Remnant 2. This NPC is found inside the Postulant’s Parlor. You can find the entrance to this Parlor inside the Beatific Palace, Losomn. To unlock the entrance, you need to interact with an NPC known as Jester found sitting on a pile of bones. Once you find him, watch his Juggling performance and wait until it ends. Finally, he will give you a Magic Quill (feather) used to unlock portals. One of those portals will take you to the Postulant’s Parlor to unlock rewards like the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Magic Quill
Image Source: Its Shatter (YouTube)

How to Solve the Postulant Chess Puzzle in Remnant 2 (Tic Tac Toe)

So once you are inside the Postulant Parlor, walk your way to the other side at the end. There, you will find this NPC sitting next to a chess board like the Tic Tac Toe game setup. Now, if you observe carefully, the 3×3 grid of the board looks exactly like the map of the Postulant Parlor. So each grid corresponds to a room here.

How to Solve the Postulant Chess Puzzle in Remnant 2

You will be using the white pawns, while the Postulant will be taking command over the black ones. The grid on which the black pawn rest will lock the corresponding room. However, the grids on which the white pawn rests will keep the corresponding room open. It is more likely that you will find the Fae Royal Armor Set in the top right corner. So make sure to keep the white pawn on the top right grid. Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to win the game to unlock that room.

But if you do win the Tic Tac Toe game, then it will unlock a door behind the Postulant. Wherein, you can find a Royal Hunting Bow. Anyways, the position of the Fae Royal Armor Set may be randomized in Remnant 2. So be mindful while moving your pawn and finding the correct room. Furthermore, you will suffer a Curse Status Effect if you lose the game. This effect stacks up each time you lose to the Postulant. But it can be cured by using some consumables.

Now that you know how to solve the Postulant puzzle and get the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2, go over and equip it quickly. Are there any other armor sets that are better than this one? Make sure to check out our guide on the Best Armor Sets to know about it. And for more such content, head over to our Remnant 2 section right here at Gamer Tweak.