Starfield Benzene Location: Where To Find

Benzene is yet another resource in Starfield that is rare and cannot be found easily as compared to other materials available in the game. This is your guide on where you can find it.

Benzene in Starfield belongs to one of the Uncommon Tier 1 Resources. There are several planets that it can be harvested from. However, without any direction, it will be difficult to navigate the exact planets and places it is available. This will directly lead to you wasting your Grav Jumps and time scanning areas that are deficient in this gas resource. Other than crafting and upgrading weapons, this material is needed to unlock Beverage Development 2. You can check out this guide on how you can easily farm Benzene, using the points we have mentioned.

Which are the Best places to get Benzene in Starfield

Farm Benzene in Starfield

  • There are a number of places where you can get them and one of them is present in the Olympus System on the Hypnos Moon.
  • Once you land on this moon, after exploring a little, you will come across Smokey Rocks, and the gas is evidently seen leaking out of it. You can interact with it to collect the resource.
  • The moon is filled with it, so it might be significantly more time-preserving if you set up extractors here, instead.
  • Another location is towards the left side of Alpha Centauri, go over to Procyon A, and you can land on Procyon V-c. This moon is also rich in Beneze. So you can easily harvest them.
  • If you still are finding it difficult to get this item, you can also travel back to one of the planets you visited earlier in your gameplay, Tau Ceti 2. It is located in the Tau Ceti System.

Where to Buy Benzene

  • If you are getting tired of gathering this resource by traveling and scanning different planets and moons, you can try buying them, as well.
  • It can be bought from Manaaki Almonte at the Trade Authority in Cydonia. This is the city you must have visited early on in the game if you have followed the main storyline.
  • The next one is the most popular city in Starfield – New Atlantis. Here you will make a deal with Wen Tseng.
  • You can also buy from Dietrich Sieghart who resides in Neon, at Sieghart’s Outfitters.
  • Each unit will cost you 16 – 20 Credits.

This is all you need to know about where you can find Benzene in Starfield. You can also check out how you can harvest other gaseous resources and more Starfield tips, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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