God Of War Ragnarok Beginner Tips: Things To Do First

Started with the Path and looking for some tips? Check out our beginner's guide for things to do first in God of War Ragnarok.

With the arrival of the God of War, there’s a plethora of new content with compelling story arcs for the characters. It would take over 50-55 hours to complete GoW Ragnarok with all main Path quests and optional Favour quests. But with such a captivating gameplay experience, you might need some extra guidance. So, check out our beginner’s guide for things to do first in God of War Ragnarok.

Things To Do First in God of War Ragnarok (Beginner Tips)

Here are some tips to remember as you boot up and start GoW Ragnarok:

  • Recap the Lore
  • Explore the Nine Realms
  • Break Random Objects
  • Earn Early XP
  • Use Mystic Gateways to Heal
  • Try Different Shields
  • Look out for the Loot in the Waters
  • Use Spartan Rage
  • Listen to Your Companions

So, let’s start with the beginner tips and tricks to help out early in God of War Ragnarok:

Recap the Lore

To get the true essence of the God of War Ragnarok, it is recommended to take a full recap of GoW (2018). Before diving into the gameplay, hit the God of War Recap option placed right on top in the Main Menu. The recap covers all the critical points for the previous installment and will get you all caught up with the Norse saga.

Explore the Nine Realms

The first thing to keep in mind as you start is to explore each region thoroughly. There are different hidden red, Legendary, and Nornir Puzzle chests all over Nine Realms. But make sure to grind for them. Contrary to following your companion, make way to find these chests in the off-beaten paths. This can help you unlock several chests. Initially, make sure to get as many crafting resources as possible.

Break Random Objects

While Kratos is not as berserk as we knew before, breaking stuff around the place can reward him generously. Most of the objects like vases, wooden planks, and more can help you get Hacksilver faster. This can also help you gather collectibles and artifacts.

Earn Early XP

As you progress, there are several side quests that you can complete to earn XP. These are the different Labours and Favor side-quests that you can complete. While these quests are optional, they can reward you with XP. Speaking of the Favors, help out several inhabitants around the Nine Realms to get XP. You can also complete several Skill Labours to increase the tiers of your different equipped Skills. You can earn several Kratos XP or Atreus XP on completing each tier.

things to do first god of war ragnarok beginner tips

Use Mystic Gateways to Heal – Best Beginner Tip

While this gameplay mechanism is unexplained, it can help restore your stats. As you use these Mystic Gateways around the Realms, all of your stats replenish. It can be used strategically before a battle for a full health bar and other stats. So, this can help you quite a lot after fighting overpowered bosses like Vanadis Valkyrie or Thor during the first Path quest.

Try Different Shields in God of War Ragnarok

Unlike the GoW (2018), there are five shields that you can use throughout God of War Ragnarok. Each of these shields has different bonuses and buffs to them. So, make sure to try all of these shields. Some Shields can be obtained as loot drops while some can be purchased from the Huldra Brothers right away. Once you complete the Surviving Fimbulwinter quest, you will be given a choice between Stonewall Shield and Dauntless Shield. As you choose one of them, you can craft it later from the workshop using 1 Slag deposit and 750 Hacksilver.

Look out for the Loot in the Waters

You can find several crafting resources and barrels of Hacksilver as you row around the waters of Svartalfheim. Furthermore, make sure to collect the hanging blue dew drops. These dew drops are the Yggdrasil Dew that can permanently increase one of your stats. If you want to collect the loot right away, we suggest enabling the auto-pickup option under Accessibility settings.

god of war ragnarok beginner tips

Use Spartan Rage Frequently

If you have played the previous installments, you might know the concept of Spartan Rage. When the odds are against Kratos, use Spartan Rage to stun or stagger nearby enemies. With Spartan Rage, you can ward off hordes of enemies overpowering you. This can help you in times of distress and serious boss fights. Not today, Odin!

Listen to Your Companions

During combat, if you listen to Atreus’ callouts, it can help you parry or dodge your opponent. While countering different attacks is one thing, getting to know their precise locations is another. This includes listening to Mimir during the fights as well. Listening to your companions can help you get an edge over your opponents.

god of war ragnarok beginner tips things to do first

That’s everything covered about the beginner tips and the things to do first in God of War Ragnarok. If you liked this guide, check out our GoW Wiki page and Walkthrough guide to find out the strategies, boss fights, tips and tricks, and more guides on our dedicated section for God of War Ragnarok right here on Gamer Tweak.