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God Of War Ragnarok: How To Get All Shields

Looking to guard up Kratos? Check out our guide on how to get all the shields in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok has finally arrived with a plethora of weapons, armor, and other gear for Kratos as well as Atreus to use. While there’s no way to put down the Ghost of Sparta, equipping shields may come in handy while fighting immense powerful foes. You need to balance out his offense as well as his defense. Throughout the Nine Realms, there are several shields that you can equip in GoW Ragnarok. But where and how to find them? Check out our guide on how to get all shields in God of War Ragnarok.


How to Get All God of War Ragnarok Shields

In total, there are five shields that you can find as you progress through GoW Ragnarok. You can either purchase them or get them as a loot drop for defeating the Bosses. While some of the shields offer bonuses for parrying, some offer bonuses for bashing shields at enemies. Depending on your playstyle, you can use these shields to receive several buffs or bonuses. You can upgrade all the shields to a maximum level of 9 using different resources and Hacksilver.

Mentioned below are all the Shields that you can unlock and equip for Kratos:

  • Guardian Shield
  • Dauntless Shield
  • Stone Wall Shield
  • Shatter Star Shield
  • Onslaught Shield

So, let’s delve into more details on how to get or buy them in God of War Ragnarok:

How to Get Guardian Shield in GoW Ragnarok

  • You can obtain the Guardian Shield at the start of the Surviving Fimbulwinter Story quest.
  • This is a shield that was given by Faye to Kratos as a gift for their anniversary. But this shield gets heavily damaged during his confrontation against the God of Thunder, Thor.
  • Due to this, Guardian Shield would be listed as Broken and unable to block any attacks.
  • You can repair this shield by interacting and speaking with Brok at the start of the World of Just Story quest.
  • Once you have repaired this shield, you can upgrade it to a maximum level of 9 to increase its defense.
god of war ragnarok all shields
Image Source – JorRaptor on YouTube.

How to Get Dauntless Shield

  • You can get this shield by crafting it at Huldra’s workshop.
  • If you choose to craft Dauntless Shield at the end of the Surviving Fimbulwinter story quest, you can get it for free.
  • Alternatively, you can also craft it later at Huldra’s workshop for 750 Hacksilver and 1 Slag Deposit.
  • This shield is perfectly designed for parrying and offers the Shield Bash attack or perk. But to unlock this perk, you have to upgrade it to level 3.
  • You can upgrade the Dauntless Shield to level 3 in exchange for 1000 Hacksilver and 8 Slag deposits.
  • Once upgraded, you can double-tap the L1 button to use this attack on your enemies.

How to Get Stone Wall Shield in GoW Ragnarok

  • Stonewall Shield is perfect for dealing damage while charging it for the Shield Slam attack.
  • You can craft this shield at Huldra’s workshop. Similar to the Dauntless shield, you can either get it free or purchase it for 750 Hacksilver and 1 Slag Deposit.
  • This Shield grants Kratos the ability to Shield Slam attack his enemies.
  • But for that, you need to upgrade it to level 3. For that, you need 1000 Hacksilver and 8 Slag Deposits.
  • Once you have upgraded the Stone Wall Shield, you can double-tap the L1 button to use this perk.

How to Get Shatter Star Shield

  • You can head over to the Vanaheim during the Reckoning Story quest to find this Shield. This shield is located at the Abandoned Village as you progress through the Story quests.
  • This shield offers the Shield punch perk that can knock back your enemies when full-charged.
  • You need to hold the L1 button to charge this attack. Once charged, release the button to use this attack.
  • You need to use it right before an enemy hits you to absorb the charge.
  • In addition to that, you can upgrade the Shatter Star shield to a maximum of 9 levels.

How to Get Onslaught Shield in God of War Ragnarok

  • You can find the Onslaught Shield by looting the Legendary chest in the Helheim region. As you progress through the Reunion Story quest, you will find a wooden legendary chest right after defeating Garm.
  • Alternatively, you can buy the Onslaught Shield from the Blacksmith Shop for 7500 Hacksilver.
  • This Shield offers Kratos the Shield Rush attack or ability.
  • This perk is a perfect balance between offense and defense. That’s because using this perk you can advance toward enemies while blocking their incoming attacks.
  • Similar to other shields, you can upgrade this Shield to a maximum of 9 levels.
god of war ragnarok get all shields
Image Source -JorRaptor on YouTube.

Once you have collected all the shields in GoW Ragnarok, you will earn the Phlanx trophy. For more info, you can check out our GoW Wiki and Walkthrough guide for strategies, tips and tricks, and more about God of War Ragnarok.


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