God Of War Ragnarok Faye & Voice Actor

Wondering who the woman is in Kratos' cryptic dreams and the person behind her gentle voice? Find out here.

Santa Monica Studio has enthralled players with each God of War installment for more than a decade. This time, the focus shifts to God of War Ragnarok. In this article, we delve deep into a mysterious character who was never really seen physically in 2018’s God Of War and yet plays a massive role – Faye. She is indisputably going to remain crucial in the sequel as well. With that said, if you are new to the franchise and curious to know who is Faye in God of War Ragnarok and who is the voice actor for her character, here’s all you need to know.

Who is Faye in God of War Ragnarok?

who is faye in ragnarok

Laufey The Just, popularly known as Faye, was a renowned frost giant from Jotunheim. She was the second wife of Kratos and the mother of Atreus. She had the powerful ability of foresight which helped her in predicting her own demise and preparing her husband and son. At some point, Faye discovers her husband Kratos’ true identity as a God as well as his tragic past but kept it hidden from her son Atreus.

A Fearless Warrior

Faye was a formidable fighter amongst all the giants in the realm. Along with her fierce warrior skills, Faye brought a deep sense of compassion and was respected by many for her fairness. Benevolent in nature and a fearsome guardian of Jotunheim, she fought valiantly against the cruelty of her people and kept them safe from every harm.
The dwarf brothers Brok and Sindri were responsible for forging The Leviathan Axe for Faye which was later passed on to Kratos after her death. It has since become Kratos’ main weapon of destruction in GOW (2018) and GOW Ragnarok.

The Aftermath of her death

Her death in the opening sequences of GOW (2018) is the defining moment that sets the game’s plot into motion. Faye’s death is also instrumental in bringing the father-son duo together as they embark on their adventurous journey to scatter her ashes at the highest point of the Nine Realms. Much like she envisaged, her husband and son bond over time as they seek to uncover the truth and ultimately become a force to be reckoned with!

Who Plays Faye? (God of War Ragnarok Voice Actor)

Faye is played by Deborah Ann Woll. There are many who will recognize the actor from the famous TV series – Daredevil and the Punisher where she played the role of Karen Page. Deborah also starred in the True Blood series where she played Jessica Hamby.

There’s more that has been unraveled about Faye in Ragnarok, but we won’t spoil it here. Check out our God of War Ragnarok Wiki on Gamer Tweak for the latest updates.