God Of War Ragnarok Skill Labours: How Do They Work? [Explained]

Here's everything you should know about the Skills Labours in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok is now live and can be enjoyed by players all over the world. This game follows the storyline after the events of GoW (2018) and has some major upgrades in it. As we all know, Kratos is always backed up by his 3 biggest supports, Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and last but not the least, Atreus. Veteran players already know how important these 3 are in terms of combat. For those who don’t know, these weapons and Atreus are not restricted to one skill. In God of War Ragnarok, all 3 of these have their own Skill Tree that can be upgraded by completing Skill Labours. Perhaps, one should have a great deal of knowledge about Skill Labours if they are looking to enhance their combat experience. Check out this guide that features everything you should know about the Skill Labours in GoW Ragnarok.

How do Skill Labours work in GoW Ragnarok?

How Do Skill Labours Work In God Of War Ragnarok

Both Leviathan Axe and Blade of Chaos have three sets of Skills in the Skill Tree which are Technique, Ranged, and Melee. On the other hand, Atreus has an Instincts Skill in his Skill Tree. The following are the max number of levels to upgrade Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos:

Skill Tree Leviathan Axe (Max Level) Blades of Chaos (Max Level)
Technique 6 6
Ranged 4 4
Melee 5 4

There are Skill Labours on each level of weapons that needs to be completed in GoW Ragnarok. By the time you max up your weapons to level 6, you will have every Skill unlocked. Unlocking a Skill, well, this is where Skill Labours play its part. Consider Skill Labours as certain tasks you are required to complete a specific number of times to move further in the Skill Tree.

To make it much easier to understand, say you want to unlock the Scorched Sweep II Ability in Technique Skill Tree of Blade of Chaos . In this case, you will have to use the Scorched Sweep I ability 15 times in combat. Further, this task of completing Scorched Sweep I 15 times is your Skill Labours in GoW Ragnarok.

However, Atreus unlocks new Skills by gaining XP in this game.

That’s everything you should know about the Skill Labours in God of War Ragnarok. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our God of War Ragnarok Wiki for more guides.

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