GoW Ragnarok: What Are Favors? (All Side Quests List)

Here is what favours are in God of War Ragnarok.

While playing God of War Ragnarok you will come across many NPCs that give you side quests known as Favors. This is a new mechanic added to this game that makes tracking your main quest easier than ever before. And getting 100% completion for this game isn’t possible without doing them all. So in this guide check out what favours are in God of War Ragnarok, and check the list of the side quests in this game.

What are Favors in God of War Ragnarok?

what are favours in god of war ragnarok

Favors are nothing but side quests that you can take in GoW Ragnarok. When you complete them they can give you XP, various resources, armor pieces, weapon attachments, or runic abilities. The good thing is you will come across many favours as you progress through the game’s story. But if you plan to complete the game 100% then you will need to do some exploration. This is because not every favor in this game can be discovered by just progressing in the main story, which is The Path.

And to add to it many favors might even be unlocked the first time you reach an area. But unlock after you progress a bit in the story, so you will have to go back to previous sections to see if some new favour is available for you to complete. Don’t worry though if you do complete the game you should still be able to free-roam and go back to the areas before you start the new game plus.

You can check the favours you have unlocked by pressing the touchpad of your controller. Then press R2 and head over to the Goals tab. Here you can find 4 options:

  • The Path: Main story of the game.
  • Favours: Side quests of the game.
  • Labours: Challenges that you can do.
  • Artefacts: Hidden Collectibles in the game.

You can also check your map for a blue icon with a white symbol in it. This same icon can also be found on NPCs that give you Favours.

All Favors List for GoW Ragnarok

Here are all the Favors that you can do in this game.

  • Svartalfheim
    • In Service of Asgard
    • The Weight of Chains
    • Spirit of Rebellion
    • The Lost Treasure
    • A Viking Funeral
  • Vanaheim
    • Cure for the Dead
    • Garden for the Dead
    • Conscience for the Dead
    • The Mysterious Orb
    • Freya’s Missing Peace
    • Scent of Survival
    • Return of the River
    • What Lies Below
    • Trail of the Dead
    • Path of Destruction
    • Casualty of War: The Stein
    • Casualty of War: The Toy
    • Quaking Hollow
    • The Burning Skies
    • Casualty of War: The Hourglass
    • In the Dead of Night
    • In Plain Sight
    • For Vanaheim!
    • Nocturnal Predator
    • Casualty of War: The Brooch
    • Casualty of War: The Scroll
  • Muspelheim
    • The Crucible
    • The Final Challenges
    • Defend Your Valor
  • Alfheim
    • Secret of the Sands
    • Song of the Sands
    • The Elven Sanctum
    • Freyr’s Gift
    • The Desert Door 
  • Niflheim
    • The Eyes of Odin
    • The Broken Prison
  • Midgard
    • Animal Instincts
    • Sigrun’s Curse
    • Guiding Light
    • Across the Realms
  • Realm Favors
    • A Stag for All Seasons
    • Born From Fire
    • Hel to Pay
    • Fit for a King
    • The Last Remnants
    • Nine Realms in Bloom
    • The Lost Lindwyrms

That covers this guide on what favors are in God of War Ragnarok and the list of these side quests. Since you are playing this game be sure to check out our God of War Ragnarok Wiki to get help with characters, collectibles, enemies, and more for this game.