God Of War Ragnarok New Game Plus: Does It Have A NG+ Mode?

Here is everything you need to know about the New Game Plus of GoW Ragnarok.

Since God of War Ragnarok is here many players are wondering if it has a New Game Plus mode. This mode works in most games by allowing players to keep their character progression, for example, any weapons you unlock, character upgrades, and more. And the reason the players have this concern is because God of War (2018) didn’t get this feature at launch. So in this guide check out if God of War Ragnarok has NG+ mode.

Does God of War Ragnarok have a New Game Plus Mode?

god of war ragnarok ng+ explained

There should be a New Game Plus in GoW Ragnarok considering it is there in God of War (2018) now. So there is no reason to not add the NG+ mode in the sequel. We will update this guide about this mode when there is more information available on it.

Assuming that the game doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode, you should get it with future updates for the game. As mentioned previously, it happened with God of War (2018). At launch the game didn’t have this mode, so even if you unlock everything you couldn’t take it over if you want to start a new playthrough, irrespective of the difficulty.

But thanks to it being added later, you didn’t have to worry about losing your upgrades, and could make a fresh start while still being very powerful. In fact, the game needed you to retain your upgrades and strength as it would’ve been a lot harder to play. In this mode, the enemies actually get harder so it gives you an extra challenge on your playthrough.

What can you expect in the NG+ Mode of GoW Ragnarok?

If the mode is going to be the same as its prequel, you can expect the mode to offer these similar features:

  • Ability to retain all your Weapons, Armor, Enchantments, Talismans, Skills, Runic Attacks, and Equipment XP.
  • New Attack patterns for different enemies in the game.
  • Lower enemies using attack variations from the start, instead of the areas in the story when you face them using those variations first.
  • Ability to skip cutscenes.

That covers this guide on if there is a New Game Plus mode in God of War Ragnarok. If you are interested in this game you should also check our guides on who is Freya and how strong Thor is.