God Of War Ragnarok Vandadis Valkyrie Boss Guide: How To Beat Her

Unable to defeat the surprise enemy Boss? Check out our guide on how to beat Vandis Valkyrie in God of War Ragnarok.

You will encounter a plethora of Nordic mythological characters as you progress through God of War Ragnarok. For the players that might have thought GOW Ragnarok is done with Valkyries, there’s an amusing surprise for you. While it is amusing, there are no signs of being a treat. You will be attacked by an unknown Valkyrie out of nowhere and forced to fight her. Considering this a surprise, you might need some extra help. So, check out our boss guide on how to beat Vanadis Valkyrie in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Beat Vanadis Valkyrie in God of War Ragnarok

Despite the surprising jump scare, you can defeat Vanadis Valkyrie with some quick moves. There are two phases for the Vanadis Valkyrie boss fight. Compared to other boss fights in God of War Ragnarok, this is a pretty easier boss fight. But that being said, you need to make sure to parry, dodge, and block her attacks. So, let’s delve into each of these phases in more detail.

Phase 1

For the entirety of both phases, she would try to maintain a distance between Kratos and Atreus to use her ranged attacks. To counter that, make sure to close that distance with a series of melee attacks. Due to her wings, she can swiftly travel across different places around. At long-ranged, she can shoot projectiles and arrows. You need to make sure to dodge these arrows. We suggest rather than using the arrows of Atreus, it would be better to stack them up. In my opinion, using all the arrows of Atreus at once would deal more damage.

god of war ragnarok beat vanadis valkyrie

Also, make a note to not use the Runic Attacks. You need to be super quick with defense as well as offense while fighting Valkyrie. If she has a Red ring around her, you cannot generally parry her attacks. But you can dodge your way out. Blocking her attack with a shield can also work but cost you some health. When you see the Double Blue rings around her, it is best to either dodge or bash your shield onto her. You can double-tap the L1 button to bash your shield. But if it is an AoE attack, dodging won’t be a suitable option.

Once you deplete her three health bars, Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

After a moment of a cutscene, Vanadis Valkyrie would shoot several arrows at Kratos. This is when you would unlock and gain the Valour ability. But this would replace his Rage Fury.

god of war ragnarok beat vanadis valkyrie

As Phase 2 begins, Valkyrie would have a slight edge over Kratos and Atreus. She will begin Phase 2 by spreading out Poisonous orbs out of her. You need to make sure to not step into any of these blobs. But as you dodge your way through, keep an eye on her arrows and lunge attacks. Avoid a direct impact and bash your shield whenever the timing is perfect.

Another cutscene would be triggered when she has only one health bar left. This is when you get to know about her identity and conclude the Boss fight.

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