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V Rising: Beatrice The Tailor Location Guide

Looking for Beatrice? Check out our guide to find out the location of Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising.

As you progress through the journey of Vampire in V Rising, you need to extract the blood from V Bosses. While these bosses wander the world of Vardoran, you need to hunt them down to extract their blood. Out of all the bosses, Beatrice is the most different as she is a human. Because the legacy of Dracula runs through her veins, it is pretty crucial to hunt her down. So, here’s our guide to know the location of Beatrice, the Tailor in V Rising.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location


  • You can find Beatrice the Tailor at the Dawnbreak village in Dunley Farmlands. You can find her in a small village located to the southeast of Dunley Farmlands.
  • In addition to that, you can also navigate her location using the Blood Altar.
  • As you unlock her by level 38, you can track her blood with a Blood Altar. Head over to the Blood Altar and select the “Track blood” option to find her.
  • Once you have found her, this V blood does not engage in combat at all. On the other hand, the old lady will start running away as soon as you find her.
v rising beatrice the tailor location
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As you extract her V blood, she will drop several rewards.

Beatrice the Tailor Rewards

Mentioned below are all the rewards that are dropped after defeating her:


  • Vampire Power: Human Form
  • Crafting Recipe: Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, and Cotton Yarn.
  • Structure: Assortment of Curtains and Loom.

That’s everything on the location of Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising. If you are having trouble hunting V bosses, check out our other guides on the location of Vincent the Frostbringer and Putrid Rat in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.