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V Rising: Vincent The Frostbringer Location & Where To Find Him

Trying to find Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising? Check out this guide to get his location.

In V Rising, many players are having trouble when they try to find the location of Vincent the Frostbringer. Finding Vincent is similar to how you would find any other boss in the game, and that is by tracking their blood. This is a Level 40 V Blood and hence can give you trouble in fights if you are not sufficiently leveled up. So in this guide let us check the location of Vincent the Frostbringer and where to find him in V Rising. Also, learn his drops when you defeat him.

Vincent the Frostbringer Location in V Rising


where to find vincent the frostbringer in v rising and location

The location of Vincent the Frostbringer is in Dunley Farmlands. You can find him near Militia Camp or Militia Encampment areas that are near the central region of Dunley Farmlands. Below are the steps on how you can find him:

  1. Go to your base or Castle and interact with the Blood Altar. You should already have the Altar by now in the game, but if you don’t have it then you can get it by:
    • Level up your gear to level 15 and complete the Getting Ready for the Hunt quest. Next, you will need 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence to build it.
  2. Upon interaction with the Altar, select Vincent the Frostbringer and choose to Track Blood.
  3. Start following the faint trails of blood and they should bring you to Dunley Farmlands and lead you to his location.
  4. Find him and you can fight it.


Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map.

Vincent the Frostbringer drops

Once you find and defeat him it drops the following rewards:


  • Recipes:
    • Reinforced Plank
  • Structures:
    • Prison Cell
  • Powers:
    • Frost Barrier
    • Veil of Frost

That covers this guide on the location of Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising and where to find him. In case you are looking for other boss locations then you might find our guide useful on the location of Putrid Rat in this game.