How To Beat Scream In Spider-Man 2 PS5

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of the most challenging boss battles players will face is against the villain Scream. As part of the This Isn’t You quest, Scream is a formidable foe due to her diverse attack patterns and abilities. She can shout shrieks that stun Spider-Man from a distance and get up close with swift claw strikes. Defeating this boss is challenging, but we’ll explain the Scream boss fight in Spider-Man 2.

Strategies for Scream Boss Fight in Spider-Man 2

Scream Boss Fight In Spider-Man 2

The Scream is one of the longest fights in Spider-Man 2. Scream takes the form of Mary Jane Watson, whom the symbiote has possessed. The fight has four distinct steps that progressively ramp up the difficulty.

  1. Scream will primarily use basic arm swings that can be blocked or dodged in the first step. She may also use projectiles or a symbiote spike attack indicated by blue rings around her head. Stun her with web shots to open her up for attack. Distract her briefly with car alarms.
  2. Step two introduces a massive tendril attack in addition to previous moves. Block or dodge the tendrils when the blue rings appear. Keep your health topped up using your healing abilities.
  3. The third step mixes moves from the first two phases and adds an aerial slam attack that can be blocked or parried. Parrying is risky, so blocking is safer.
  4. The final step is the fastest. Block more and watch carefully for all previous symbiote attacks signaled by blue rings. A new grabbing slam also deals high damage. Whittle down Scream’s health to finish the fight and save Mary Jane.

Throughout all steps, sustained basic attacks are the primary damage method, while suit abilities provide bonuses. You can defeat this challenging boss by practicing avoiding Scream’s expanded moveset in each stage.

This is everything you need to know about how to beat Scream in Spider-Man 2. Since you are here, also check out our other guides on whether you can turn off gliding ringsall map locations, and how to switch characters.