How To Switch Characters In Spider-Man 2

Here is how you can easily swap between Peter and Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has two protagonists, Peter and Miles, many players want to know how you can switch characters. This was one of the most hyped features of the game as everyone has their favorite so exploring New York as them will make the experience more immersive. Luckily, the process to do that is very easy and it becomes available after you progress the story a bit. So here is how it works and when you can’t swap between them.

How to Switch Characters in Spiderman 2

How To Switch Characters In Spider-Man 2
Image Credits: Trophygamers on YouTube

You have to use the in-game FNSM App to switch between Peter and Miles.

  1. Swipe left on the touchpad of your PS5 controller to open the FNSM app.
  2. Press and hold the Square button.
  3. Now, whoever your current character is will swing away and you will transition to a short loading screen.
  4. When you are back the character will now be changed.

It is important to remember that while you can switch between the two, the game won’t let you swap anytime. The times when this won’t work is when either of them is in an important conversation with a character, for example, Peter talking to MJ about something or if you are in the middle of a character-specific mission. However, when you aren’t on any particular mission and are just exploring or doing side quests then both characters will be available to use.

How to Unlock the FNSM App

You have to progress the game until you can get the FNSM app repaired from Ganke to start using it. This shouldn’t take too long, but when you start the game initially you will be playing only as Peter for a while.

That’s all on how to switch characters in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Since you are interested in this game also check out our guide on how to heal. Don’t forget to visit our Spiderman 2 section for more such topics on this game.