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Ghost of Tsushima Best Armor Guide – 11 Armors To Unlock

No Armors No Life - Ghost of Tsushima's have more than ten armors, each features unique perks that can help you in the battle. I am listing all 11 Ghost of Tsushima Armors, their best features, and how to unlock them.

Finding the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima can be much easier to find out if you know about every armor in the game. With over eleven armors, Ghost of Tsushima brings an array of perks attached to every suit. Armors unlock as you progress in the story, but some can be easily missed. In this article, we will discuss which is the best armor in the Ghost of Tsushima. We will also discuss every armor in the game, how to unlock them, and their perks.

Ghost of Tsushima: All Eleven Armors

You will start with Borken Armor the very first one, it’s not that strong but as you progress better one is unlocked. I am going to list each one of them below. You can check all the Armors under the Gear Section of the game menu.

1. Broken Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Broken Armor

Unlocks at the start, Broken Armor does not come with any perks. If you can take more challenges then keep this armor or else it is entirely useless. The broken armor as it says is broken and there is no way to repair it.

2. Traveler’s Attire

Ghost of Tsushima Travelers Attire

You will unlock Traveler’s Attire from the first merchant you will find in the open world. An armor that focuses more on tracking and traveling. It is best to wear if you are looking for something. After unlocking the Guiding Wind the armor will help you to track down hidden artifacts in the regions. Best to wear while exploring and gathering collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima. Here is the Traveler’s Attire Perks List.

  1. Track Artifacts with the Guiding Wind
  2. Traveling clears 20% more fog of war on the map
  3. Controller will vibrate when there is an artifact within 30m

3. Samurai Clan Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Samurai Clan Armor

You can unlock Samurai Clan Armor for free during Lady Masako’s first tale objective. Remember when you at the Gold Temple talk to the armorer and you will unlock this free. The armor focuses more on improving your defensive stats. You can expect this armor to reduce damage and boost some health. Want Max Health then click the link, there is a separate guide on it. Continuing with the Samurai Clan armor here are the perks.

  • Reduces all damages by a Major amount.
  • Moderate increase to health.
  • Taking damage grants 15% Resolve.

4. Ronin Attire

Ghost of Tsushima Ronin Attire

Ronin Attire is an armor that focuses on stealth and amplifying damage at close range. It is an ideal armor recommended to wear when you have to pull out your sword more. Thankfully this armor is not that complicated to unlock. During the main story mission Blood on the Grass, it unlocks upon completing objectives. Here are the armor perks.

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 20%.
  • 30% increase to Melee damage.
  • After laving pampas grass while crouched, enemies will be much slower to detect you.

5. Tadayori’s Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Tadayori's Armor

To unlock Tadayori’s Armor in Ghost of Tsushima complete the Mythic Tale “The Legend of Tadayori”. This armor focus on enhancing your defensive moves by boosting the concentration. Also, it can amplify the reload speed, but the primary focus is giving you more out of concentration. Here is the armor’s perk.

  • Increase knocking and reload speed by 15%.
  • Increases total Concentration time by 1 seconds.
  • Head-shots restore 25% of the Concentration meter.

6. Gosaku’s Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Gosaku's Armor

The armor unlocks when you complete The Unbreakable Gosaku of Ghost of Tsushima. If you are looking for an armor that can bring more health and stagger power then this one is the best to go for. It can boost health and stagger both and also merges the stagger kill with health restoration. Here are the armor perks.

  • Moderate increase to health.
  • Moderate increase to Stagger Damage.
  • Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health.

7. Kensei Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Kensei Armor

Kensei Armor is unlocked after completing The Six Blades of Kojiro in Ghost of Tsushima. The armor focus on offering you gains and damage. It has a perk attached to Ghost Weapon that can reduce incoming damage and amplify attacks.

  • 15% increase to Resolve gains.
  • Ghost Weapon deals 15% more damage.
  • Striking an enemy with Ghost Weapon causes that enemy to deal 25% less damage and receive 25% more damage.

8. Sakai Clan Armor

Sakai Clan Armor Ghost of Tsushima

Sakai Clan Armor is unlocked during the main story quest Ghost from the Past. The armor focus on damage and health. A kind of good choice when it comes to close combat fight. I also bring the chances of unlocking a Terrify during the combat. Here are the armor perks.

  • Major increase to Melee damage.
  • Massive increase to health.
  • Increase the Standoff Streak by 2. Wining a Standoff has a 25% chance to Terrify nearby enemies.

9. Ghost Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Armor

The armor that boosts the stealth, highly useful when you are on an objective like Observing Leader Ghost Armor is the best one when your playstyle is stealth mode. It is unlocked during the main story quest From the Darkness. The armor lowers detection speed and reduces the number of kills required to enter Ghost Stance. Below are the perks.

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 40%.
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stances by 1.
  • Kills have a 15% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy.

10. Mongol Commander’s Armor

Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Commander's Armor

Best armor for health and boosting damage. It unlocks when you complete Fit for a Khan tale in act 3. The armor gives you high health boost and damage boost. This is best when you are frequently fighting more enemies. It will amply combat and also the health boost will let you stay in the right for long. Here are the armor perks.

  • Major increase to health.
  • Reduces all damage by a Major amount.
  • Disguise you while out of combat, massively reducing Mongol detection speed.

11. Fundoshi

Fundoshi Armor is nothing special, it comes with a single perk. It unlocks as a reward for finding all the Hot Springs in Ghost of Tsushima. It is not really an armor, it just cancels all the noise while running on sprinting. That’s it there is no other special thing about this armor. It is actually just Jin with no armor.

So here is are all the armor sets you can unlock in Ghost of Tsushima.